Dashcams could provide the evidence to prove a crash isn’t your fault

MQD_SmartphoneWe have all been there, patiently waiting in traffic, crawling along with the rest of the world then -bam – someone else has whizzed up the inside lane trying to cut in. The majority of the time this results in you having to slam on your brakes to ensure you don’t go into the back of them. However, there are instances when this doesn’t quite happen or the driver […]

Driverless Vehicles Hit Road Blocks

Image of Driverless CarDriverless vehicles are making headlines more often recently due to the fact that the technology is developing at a rapid pace. There are now a number of companies investing in driverless vehicle technology, with the forerunner in many people’s eyes being Google. However, even though driverless cars are becoming more of a reality, there are some issues that may prevent them from hitting our roads any time soon.

Will the Price of Fuel continue to fall?

Image of Petrol PumpOver the past few months we have seen numerous reports claiming that the price of crude oil has fallen drastically, however motorists are not yet feeling the full benefits at the pumps. Even though last Friday saw the price of unleaded petrol drop to a four year record-low of £119.10 per litre, the Petrol Retailers’ Association has claimed that we are unlikely to see prices fall below the £1 per litre mark unless the cost […]

Police toughen-up on Motorists

Image of police stopping driverAs a motorist there are a number of rules and regulations you have to adhere to including not using your mobile phone behind the wheel, staying within designated speed limits and generally ensuring that your driving is safe and legal at all times. However, over the past few weeks there have been reports that motorists may soon be more heavily targeted by the police in a bid to keep the roads safe over […]

Increase in Car Sales During September

According to recent reports, UK car sales were the highest in ten years this September which was likely caused by the launch of the new number plate as well as increased confidence in the economic recovery.
September was the 31st consecutive month to see an increase in car sales and in September alone we saw the figure reach 425,861 which is just under a six percent increase on last year. From January to September there has been an […]

Motorists gear up for the abolishment of the Tax Disc

Image of Tax DiscOn Wednesday the 1st October 2014 millions of motorists across the UK will be heading to their cars, removing their tax discs and throwing them in the bin. This is because as of this Wednesday motorists will no longer be required to display a tax disc in their vehicles in order to prove that they have paid their tax. This is all part of a new government scheme which is attempting to streamline […]

Prepare Yourself for the Flying Cars of the Future

Image of Flying CarWhen it comes to automotive technology consumers tend to become blasé about new pieces of technology extremely quickly. For example, on-board computers were only introduced a few years ago but now most people would be surprised if a new car doesn’t come with one as standard. The same is even happening with driverless vehicles, as even though they are not set to hit the UK’s roads until next year people are already starting to […]

Drivers advised to prepare for ‘The Great Summer Getaway’

Around the same time each year drivers are warned to prepare themselves for what is known as ‘the great summer getaway’. Even though the date varies each year, it is always the Friday after schools break up for the summer that it starts, as thousands of Brits embark on their holidays. This means that roads, public transport and airports see an influx in travellers and therefore traffic and waiting times increase considerably.
This week motoring organisations have warned drivers that on Friday 25th July there will […]

Are Learner Drivers Dangerous?

It has been reported this week that one in five learner drivers have points on their licenses even though they haven’t even passed their tests yet, which has caused many people to call for harsher restrictions for young drivers. Data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) shows that there are currently almost six thousand drivers that have points on their provisional licenses and that three in ten people are unaware that you can gain points on your licence while learning to drive.
Most […]

Northern Ireland introduces new Driving Laws

Over the past year a number of groups have called for the UK’s driving test to be changed so that learners have to spend at least twelve months practicing before they are allowed to take their tests. Furthermore, many believe that it would be better for learner drivers to be taught how to drive at night, on the motorway and in bad weather conditions in order to better prepare them for when they are allowed to drive on their own.
Those that have put these […]