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Electronic car dealer decides to close its doors

The one and only company who supplied electric vehicles throughout the Isle of Man has stopped trading. The company say that the existence of the company is neither sustainable nor justified.
For the last two years e-Go Vehicles Ltd have been bringing new vehicle technology to the island, during which time they received an enthusiastic welcome from both residents and businesses who shared their vision of electric vehicles. The company made the tough decision to close after lengthy talks following a devastating announcement by the Minister […]

Zero-emission vehicles to get the green light

If predictions are correct, there will be a revolution in the motoring industry in the coming years, as tens of thousands of zero emission electric vehicles are prepared to hit the roads of the United Kingdom.
It has been predicted that slowly over time, the days when a motorist only required a bare slab of tarmac or concrete to park up are ending. In the not too distant future there will be an increasing numbers of drivers who will be demanding curbsides equipped with glowing posts […]