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Are Learner Drivers Dangerous?

It has been reported this week that one in five learner drivers have points on their licenses even though they haven’t even passed their tests yet, which has caused many people to call for harsher restrictions for young drivers. Data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) shows that there are currently almost six thousand drivers that have points on their provisional licenses and that three in ten people are unaware that you can gain points on your licence while learning to drive.
Most […]

Electric car manufacturer Tesla makes a profit

The electric car market is currently extremely tough, and many people still don’t have much faith when it comes to companies that manufacturer just electric vehicles such as Tesla Motors. However, it was announced yesterday that the company has actually achieved a massive $11.2 million in profit and produced over five thousand Model S units. Discussing the success of the company, founder and CEO Elon Musk said: “They didn’t believe we’d do these numbers so they didn’t quite tool up for the forecast […]

Cosworth revs up interest in possible sale

One of the most famous names in motor racing goes up for sale this week and other famous names are said to be in the running to buy them out.
Cosworth has been put up for sale this week after its owners Kevin Lalkhoven and Gerry Forsythe decided against going for a stock flotation. The co-owners who bought the company from Ford almost a decade ago are certain that the business, which started up in a small garage in the back streets of London in 1958, […]

Motorists call for stricter adherence to driving ban rules

A survey jointly produced by a leading road safety charity and leading motor insurance provider reveals that UK motorists would like to see tougher sentencing for law breaking drivers.
The report by road safety champions BRAKE discovered the great majority of drivers questioned would support stricter sentences for offences such as speeding and the use of mobile devices while driving, with many wanting to see much tougher punishments than those on the statute book at the moment. They would like to see drivers banned automatically when […]

Increasing number of accidents happening at dangerous blackspot

Villagers in West Norfolk are calling on the council to make improvements at an accident blackspot before fatalities occur. Residents in West Lynn and Clenchwarton are both demanding action is taken on a notorious junction after two more accidents.
Four people were taken to Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital after a crash on the junction on Sunday afternoon, following on from another accident the day before when a Volvo and Toyota collided at 2pm. While no-one was hurt in the first incident, there was serious damage done […]

Festival of Speed will feature Honda Eye

It may be true that the British International Motor Show has been cancelled this year but car enthusiasts are still getting the chance to congregate and discover what is happening in the motoring world courtesy of the Goodwood Festival of Speed due to held on the last weekend in June.
News from the shows organisers yesterday divulged that just like many of the major cities in England the Goodwood show will have a Goodwood “eye”. Well in actual fact it will be the “Honda Eye” but […]

Nissan Leaf arrives on the streets of the UK

Journalists in the UK got their first chance to drive the world’s first mass produced electric car this week, and it left them asking a few questions.
Although it has been restricted for use to journalists so far, it will not be long now before ordinary motorists will be getting a motor insurance quote on a Nissan Leaf.
The car billed as the world’s first mass produced zero emission car is really noticeable for its lack of exhaust pipe but apart from that looks remarkably ordinary from […]

London is motor fine capital

A report into motoring fines by a leading online insurance company, revealed that there is a massive gap between regions on the amount of fines incurred.
The poll for the insurance company, Esure, consulted over 1000 of the UK’s motorists and the results show that London is far and away the capital city when it comes to fines for traffic offences.
The average London motorist can expect to hand out £680 to local authorities via motoring fines throughout his motoring life. Compare that to the conscientious drivers […]