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Drivers advised to prepare for ‘The Great Summer Getaway’

Around the same time each year drivers are warned to prepare themselves for what is known as ‘the great summer getaway’. Even though the date varies each year, it is always the Friday after schools break up for the summer that it starts, as thousands of Brits embark on their holidays. This means that roads, public transport and airports see an influx in travellers and therefore traffic and waiting times increase considerably.
This week motoring organisations have warned drivers that on Friday 25th July there will […]

Drivers expecting to pay to drive on roads in future

According to a recent survey carried out by the RAC around fifty per cent of motorists believe that in the next twenty five years they will be expected to pay tolls if they choose to drive in certain places such as large cities. Furthermore, fifty per cent also believed that they would have to pay to drive on motorways in the future; however the surprising thing about this report is that many are actually open to the idea as it will give them more […]

Drivers warned over bank holiday weekend traffic

Most years this bank holiday weekend does not seem to have much effect on the UK’s roads; however as Easter was particularly cold and wet this year it seems that many people in the UK want to make the most of this weekend and go on a trip. However, before you jump in the car you should check the traffic report as there has been warnings that most roads are set to experience heavy traffic as around seven million people are expected to be […]