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More power to be given to Police if drivers fail on-the-spot Eye Tests

Drivers who are required to wear glasses on the road will often find that their car insurance providers will not pay out for a claim if they were not wearing their glasses when involved in an accident, and now ministers are giving the police easier ways to ban drivers who fail on the spot eye tests. A petition to implement “Cassie’s law” was recently started by Jackie McCord from Colchester, Essex and signed by 45,000 people after her sixteen year old daughter Cassie McCord […]

Cheap repairs of Potholes causing more Car Insurance claims

A few weeks ago we reported that the cold weather has caused an increase in the amount of car insurance claims due to accidents, as well as contributed to the amount of potholes on roads across the UK. Potholes are generally created when water gets into small cracks in the road, freezes, and then expands making the cracks even worse. Soon, large holes appear in the roads, which can cause damage to vehicles’ suspension and body work if they are driven over too […]

Euro NCAP reveals safest cars of 2012

In the past week we have discussed in detail how to drive safely during the cold weather, however sometimes no matter how well you drive you could find yourself in an accident and having to claim on your car insurance. If you do experience an accident in your car – whether it was your fault or not – you will appreciate the features included that are there to protect you from harm. Therefore, drivers who have safety as one of their top priorities […]

Motorists warned avoid driving tomorrow due to overnight Snow

Earlier on in the week there was snow across the UK, and today there have been warnings that there will be even more snow tonight, and that motorists should try to arrange working from home tomorrow and not use the roads if the weather conditions are severe. Those that are planning on using the roads tomorrow should make sure they leave plenty of time for their journey as traffic is expected to increase nationwide. Furthermore, drivers should try and drive as slowly as […]

Drivers warned about driving on the Motorway in Dark conditions

This winter drivers have had to face a myriad of driving hazards including snow, ice, torrential rain, fog, and flooding. However, drivers are now being warned about the hazards of driving on the motorway whilst it’s dark, and seeing as England only has as few hours of daylight during the winter months this is beneficial to nearly all those that use the motorways.
Driving in the dark means that drivers have poor visibility on the motorways, which is made worse by the fact that they […]

Heavy Rain and Flooding leading to Driving Chaos across England

Heavy rain has caused chaos for those attempting to drive across the UK, with many roads now submerged under water and physically impossible to drive on. In Dorset, a number of motorists had to be rescued by fire crews after becoming stranded in floodwater, and across the country many others are facing long delays due to road closures and traffic.
Despite repeated warning from emergency services, some drivers are still attempting to drive on roads that have been badly affected by flooding. Dorset Fire […]

Traffic light idea would cause chaos on the roads

Road safety groups have hit out at calls by Sir Simon Jenkins for traffic lights to be removed. Safety groups believe they are crucial to road safety while the chairman of the National Trust claims all they do is increase the number of accidents.
Sir Simon Jenkins feels that traffic lights are a form of state control, and wants 90% of them to be torn down because they are dangerous and slow down drivers. He feels UK road planners are obsessed with traffic lights, especially […]

New breed of speed cameras set for UK roads

Motorists across the UK may well find themselves renewing acquaintance with an old enemy they thought had gone forever.
A survey of local safety partnerships has revealed that the great majority of them are actively installing new enforcement cameras or seriously considering doing so. The new cameras will be digital and will not require personnel to change the film or service them. It is a much cheaper option than the old style cameras and the cash collected will stay in the coffers of the safety partnership […]

Car Owners Given Fines Despite Their Vehicle Not Leaving the Driveway

Over 125,000 car owners have each been given a £100 fine for failing to take out car insurance on their vehicle or declaring it as off-road. The £12million of penalties comes after changes to the rules introduced last June which demanded all drivers either insure their car or officially state it is not being driven on any road.
Around 320,000 warning letters were sent out to alert individuals to the fact that they were breaking the law. The new rules are known as “continuous insurance enforcement” […]

New Approach to Learner Drivers Could Benefit Everyone

A big change in the regulations for young car drivers in Northern Ireland could at long last see their motor insurance premiums come down.
The changes to rules governing young drivers have been proposed by Environment Minister Alex Attwood and they really are massively different to the present system. Under the proposals youngsters will become eligible to apply for a provisional driving licence at the age of 16 years 6 months. They will have to complete a mandatory training period of 12 months before taking a […]