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Police warn Drivers to be prepared for Heavy Fog

As the weather starts to warm, Britain’s drivers need to prepare themselves for the prospect of driving through fog. Unfortunately, as we only tend to have a noticeable amount of fog across the UK for a couple of days each year, drivers often forget how to drive through it safely. However, if not taken seriously, fog can be even more dangerous than driving in wet or icy conditions, which is why police around the country are reminding drivers how to stay safe.
One of […]

Drivers warned over Dangers of Driving through Floods

Over the past few weeks drivers across the nation have been repeatedly warned to avoid driving through flood water, however even with these warnings it seems as many still choose to take the risk. Along with numerous homes and businesses, a large amount of vehicles across the UK have been damaged by flood water, leading to many being written off by the owners’ car insurance providers.
Just ten days ago a number of motorists on the A1088 near the Tostock and the Woolpit Business Park had […]

Motorists face fines under new driving legislation

It’s something that most motorists have witnessed when on the motorway: drivers that hog the middle lane or tailgate. While most people just find this an annoyance the fact of the matter is that it is also extremely dangerous and cause traffic as well as accidents, which is why the government have announced new legislation that means careless drivers can be issued with a £100 fine and three points on their licence on the spot.

Crouch End police car crash wrecks florist shop

A police armed response car on an emergency call swerved off the road and smashed into a florist shop causing thousands of pounds in damage.
Witnesses said the police car which was supposedly “full of weapons and guns” careered off the road into an Audi, which caused both cars to end up inside the Crouch End shop. Although the damage to the Audi wasn’t too severe, even in these situations you need to make sure you have a valid motor insurance policy on your vehicle.
If the […]

Scottish drivers suffer from snow on roads

It has been a high talking point across the UK over the past few weeks: spring has apparently not come this year and the winter seems here to stay. Whilst many of us begrudge the extended winter due to the cold, there are others that are truly suffering from the consequences of this unseasonable cold snap. For instance, in Scotland there has been chaos on the roads due to the fact that snow has covered a large part of the country, and some […]

Americans more likely to use phones while driving

It is well known that if you are caught texting or speaking on your phone whilst driving in the UK you will receive a fine or could even face criminal prosecution if you are a repeat offender. Furthermore, if you are convicted of using your phone whilst driving your motor insurance quotes will increase, or you could even have your driving licence revoked. A large amount of motor accidents in the UK are caused by drivers not paying attention to the road because […]

Signs installed to slow down Drivers in Suffolk

A fair amount of accidents are caused on the road due to the fact that one or both of the drivers involved are speeding. Speeding is one of the most common ways that most drivers break the law when on the road, and if caught by the police you could be subjected to a fine or even taken to court, which will lead to your car insurance quotes increasing. Residential areas are one of the most dangerous places to speed, as you are […]

Police crack down on defective cars in Hull

Keeping your car well maintained can sometimes slip your mind, however the consequences of driving a vehicle that isn’t up to scratch can be disastrous. If your car is not maintained properly, not only could it mean that you could be involved in an accident, but you could also be fined by the police which will eventually lead to your car insurance quote increasing.
This is why police from the Hull and East Yorkshire area have been cracking down on vehicles that are not properly […]

American Police urge Motorists to have a ‘Designated Texter’

Most people have heard of (and have probably even been) a designated driver when out with friends, which means that if you are out in a social situation where there is alcohol one of you stays sober and then drives the others home. However, police in Florida are now urging motorists to have a ‘designated texter’ when driving in groups so that the driver is not tempted to look at their phone or text whilst at the wheel. Texting whilst driving is known […]

Silent cars set be be fitted with artifical noise enhancers

A vote yesterday by the European Parliament is set to lead to the new rules coming into force by the end of next year regarding electric and hybrid cars being fitted with artificial noise.
Campaign groups including Guide Dogs for the Blind have long been fighting for the current laws to change, highlighting the danger posed to pedestrians from cars that run almost silent at low speed.
TRL, formerly the Government’s Transport Research Laboratory, found that, taking into account the number of vehicles on the road, the […]