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Vandals damage cars by placing nails on roads

The main point of car insurance is to protect your vehicle from any damages that occur when you are on the road, and generally most claims are concerned with accidents and dents caused by knocking into something. However, car insurance can also protect your vehicle against more serious problems such as theft and vandalism, which unfortunately is what some of the residents in Barne Barton in Plymouth are facing right now.

Crouch End police car crash wrecks florist shop

A police armed response car on an emergency call swerved off the road and smashed into a florist shop causing thousands of pounds in damage.
Witnesses said the police car which was supposedly “full of weapons and guns” careered off the road into an Audi, which caused both cars to end up inside the Crouch End shop. Although the damage to the Audi wasn’t too severe, even in these situations you need to make sure you have a valid motor insurance policy on your vehicle.
If the […]

One-Hundred and Fifty Tyres slashed in Swindon

When driving, if you experience an accident with another driver the costs can usually be covered by car insurance, and if it is the other drivers’ fault you will only have to pay a small amount of excess depending on your policy. However, if another driver is uninsured or if you find that someone has damaged your car without you knowing then unfortunately you will have to pay for the costs yourself or through your car insurance, which could mean your insurance premiums go […]

Police Warn Against Defrosting Cars by Leaving Them Running

In the past few weeks police have released various statements concerning defrosting vehicles on icy mornings. They are firstly urging all road users to make sure that their cars are properly defrosted before attempting to go on the road. The police have stated that it is illegal to drive a vehicle which is not properly defrosted as the limited visibility can lead to accidents. Sgt Claire Pearson from the Road Policing Unit has stated that “It is a criminal offence to drive […]

Police Issue Tickets to Drivers Who Pose A Threat

A motorist travelling at 130 miles per hour was just one of more than 160 motoring offences detected in a road safety blitz around Dorchester at the weekend. The driver of the Audi was caught during the “Surround a Town” initiative that saw police officers out in force to crack down on offending motorists who posed a threat to other road users.
By 3pm on Saturday police officers had issued 79 tickets for offences such as using a hand held mobile phone, speeding, and driving without […]

Cyclists Pushing Their Luck at Traffic Lights

A well known road safety charity is urging police forces across the UK to crack down on road offences committed by cyclists in the same way as they do with motorists.
The call from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) follows a survey they carried out on regular cyclists via their website. The results of the survey were surprising to say the least, with well over half on the 1600 respondents saying they had jumped a red light and 1 in 7 saying they did it […]

New Scheme Hopes to Improve Road Safety for New Drivers

A brand new police-led scheme aimed at improving road safety for learner drivers has been launched in the Wirral area of the North West of England this week. The ground-breaking safety initiative called “ENGAGE” is being introduced by the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership and they are hopeful of reducing accidents involving young drivers.
The scheme is collaboration between Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and five local authorities. Over one-hundred local driving instructors have been given specialist training to help learner drivers identify and […]

Car Thieves Cashing in on DVLA Loophole

A DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) loophole means that vehicles can be scrapped without any proof of ownership being provided, leaving the process wide open to fraud. Anyone can claim a vehicle is theirs, contact a dismantling company, arrange for it to be collected and then receive cash for the scrap value of the vehicle.
Currently there is no need for any paperwork, such as a V5 registration document, and given the increase in the price of scrap metal, it is little wonder that more […]

Danger Roads to be Targeted by Policing Team

Greater Manchester Police have launched an initiative to solve parking problems which are making two roads in an outlying district a danger for drivers and passengers alike. Deane Road and Wigan Road, in Deane, have been the scene of seventy-four accidents during the last three years and are now recognised as accident black spots.
The local Neighbourhood Policing Team is working to improve the situation after they had lengthy discussions with local residents. Police believe there are two issues, firstly taxi drivers are parking in bus […]

Police are to target females in their festive drink driving campaign

Females are being warned about the dangers of drink driving as the festive party season is fast approaching. Police feel that females in their 30s are most at risk and they will be the focus of this year’s crackdown.
At the launch of Oxfordshire’s annual operation against the drivers who ignore the law, police confirmed that they will be out on the county’s roads 24 hours a day to ensure that they can target any lunchtime drinkers, drivers who decide to take a risk and drive […]