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Local councils accused of encouraging motorist fines

In a shocking report today it has been claimed that numerous local councils across the UK have been encouraging traffic wardens to fine motorists in order to attain their targets and make more money for their constituencies. According to Adam Shaw, who investigated the matter for the Panorama programme, councils are looking for new ways to help traffic wardens issue more fixed penalty notices including the use of CCTV footage.

Motorists win appeals over private parking fines

Parking can sometimes be extremely difficult for motorists, especially in cities where there is generally a lack of space and even car parks have small parking bays. Here at MotorQuoteDirect we have had a number of our customers claim on their motor insurance due to damaging their car while parking in a tight spot; however this is not the only danger when it comes to finding somewhere to leave your car.

Epping Forest Council plans Double Decker car park

Parking in town centres is one of the biggest problems for motorists, especially if you live in a commuter area where a huge amount of motorists attempt to find cheap or even free parking each day. Many local councils have struggled to provide parking facilities in busy town centres for both commuters and shoppers, and so instead they have charged high prices for all day parking in order to deter commuters and encourage them to find other ways to get to their local train […]

Government shake up of Parking Permissions

Nearly every motorist at one point or another has received a parking ticket, and sometimes it is perfectly understandable why, especially if you know you have parked illegally or for well over the parking period you paid for. However, many drivers are often frustrated when traffic wardens issue fixed penalty notices for being only slightly over the paid period, which is why Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has argued that drivers should not be fined just for ‘popping to the shops’ for a short period […]

Thousands of Motorists illegally fined across London

Parking tickets are one of motorists’ biggest pet hates – especially when they feel that they have parked legally. The cost of running a vehicle is expensive enough as it is, which is why so many people spend time looking for cheap car insurance quotes, and even invest in cars that will cost them less in road tax and congestion charges. So many will be angered to hear that across London there have been three hundred and fifty thousand illegally issued parking tickets […]