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At last there is good news for Richmond drivers

Motorists may be about to get some long awaited good news as it has been revealed they may be in line to get back over £1m which was paid out in parking fines. A London council has found that the PCNs (Penalty Charge Notices) were “unlawful”.
After increases in fuel and road tax, and with motor insurance quotes also rising, motorists in West London have at last received some good news. Richmond Council have confirmed that in excess of 21,000 Penalty Charge Notices handed out in […]

Driver still behind the wheel despite having thirty points on his licence

A motorist who has clocked up thirty driving licence points has somehow managed to avoid a driving ban. Figures released show that East Lancashire has 165 drivers who have at least twelve points on their licence, but have escaped being disqualified.
Twelve points is normally the total which triggers an automatic ban unless it has been proven that a ban would cause exceptional hardship for the driver. The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) say the driver with thirty points lives in the Blackburn area, where […]

Number plate owner takes offence with the DVLA

A motorist has been shocked by the treatment handed out to him by the Department of Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). They have deemed a number plate they sold him as illegal and threatened him with prosecution if he puts it on his vehicle.
Alan Clarke bought the number plate BO11 LUX from the DVLA six weeks ago and got a motor insurance quote for his Land Rover using the registration he had purchased. He has now received a letter from the DVLA telling him that the […]

North West MP will ask for stiffer penalties for dangerous drivers

The Coalition Government is being called upon to increase the current maximum sentence for dangerous driving to seven years from the present 26 months after a provincial newspaper started a campaign. Labour MP for Bolton David Crausby is backing the campaign after reading about it in The Bolton News.
Mr Crausby was inspired by the Drive For Justice campaign and has now decided to sponsor an EDM (Early Day Motion) calling for a much tougher stance on dangerous driving. The campaign started after a Crown Court […]

Increasing number of motorists choosing to leave their cars at home

Drivers throughout a Lancashire town are following other areas of the UK by giving up their vehicles due to petrol prices. A survey by local paper The Bolton News found motorists are either driving less or selling and switching to a cheaper form of transport.
The news confirms the recent report by breakdown company, Green Flag, whose own survey found two in ten drivers were taking their cars off the road. They also say there has been a 40% increase in fuel related breakdown call outs […]

Men put the car before themselves when it comes to health checks

A new survey has revealed that seven out of ten men find it much easier to care for a vehicle than their own personal health. Some males are even ignoring symptoms of a treatable health condition and will not go and see their doctor for as long as six months and in some cases up to a year after they first experience symptoms.
These same men will never let their tax disc expire or forget about a motor insurance quote which they will start to enquire […]

Hospital trusts make £1 million a year from car parks

NHS trusts in England have seen an increase of 14% in their total profits from parking charges in the last financial year and a body representing patients are none too pleased about it. The increase comes as two trusts have introduced a minimum parking charge of £4.
The Patients Association (PA) have slammed the charges as being both “outrageous” and a “tax on the sick” and they are calling on the Government to follow Scotland and Wales and make all hospital parking free. On average a […]

Campaign which targets impaired driving starts in Sussex

With the United Kingdom on the cusp of another summer, the police force in Sussex are about to launch their yearly campaign which targets people who put not just their own but other people’s lives at risk by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired.
The month long campaign sees Sussex Police join fellow officers from forces throughout the country to carry out schemes to catch drivers who wrongly believe that drink or drug driving is acceptable. The fire service and all the local […]

Female drink drivers need better help

New research on female drink driving has revealed that the offenders are quite often older than their male counterparts, have had a better education and are more than likely divorced. Academics at Nottingham took into account data from throughout the world and now want more effective treatment which targets this demographic.
The research also found out that existing rehabilitation programmes for females are inducing feelings of shame and guilt which only increases the risk of re-offending. During the investigation it was also revealed that female drink-drivers […]

Brand new law will affect everyone who owns a vehicle

New rules introduced in the UK this week will require the registered keeper of any vehicle to have continuous insurance. Failure to do so will result in penalties which range from a fine, to prosecution through the courts.
Anyone who owns a vehicle which has not been insured must either search for motor vehicle insurance before registering the car or declare it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) with the DVLA. Non compliance will be quickly traced by the DVLA thanks to a link with the Motor […]