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Number of learner drivers who need an interpreter is increasing

Data has been released which shows over 1,000 learner drivers have required an interpreter in the car with them while taking their driving test in Sussex. The figure relates to the last three years and the interpreter was needed because the learner did not have a strong enough command of the English language.
During the same period around 5,000 Sussex learners also requested to sit the theory part of the test in a different language. The figures were obtained following a Freedom of Information request to […]

Technician gets ticket while driving a customer’s car

A woman who thought her top of the range BMW would be safe at the garage she picked to carry out repairs was shocked to discover a technician had taken her car home which resulted in her receiving a penalty notice in the post.
Laura Philipides took her BMW X1 to the garage to fix a steering defect. A week after picking up her car she was sent a £120 fine, after her vehicle was photographed driving in a bus lane. When the 63-year-old from South […]

UK’s older drivers paying too much?

The commercial arm of a nationwide charity for the elderly have expressed concern that the current cost of motoring may drive some of the UK’s older citizens off the road.
Age UK is one of the biggest charities in the UK and specialises in representing the needs of Britain’s older generation. A recent report by its commercial sector, Age UK Enterprises, reveals that older drivers are savvy when it comes to the price of a new car but not so alert when it comes to ancillary […]

Police are to target females in their festive drink driving campaign

Females are being warned about the dangers of drink driving as the festive party season is fast approaching. Police feel that females in their 30s are most at risk and they will be the focus of this year’s crackdown.
At the launch of Oxfordshire’s annual operation against the drivers who ignore the law, police confirmed that they will be out on the county’s roads 24 hours a day to ensure that they can target any lunchtime drinkers, drivers who decide to take a risk and drive […]

Resident hopes giant road sign will make council Bow to pressure

A resident in rural Devon has come up with a contentious but ingenious way of slowing traffic down on the main road through his village.
Tim Backhouse was becoming ever more concerned at the speed traffic, and in particular vans and lorries, were doing through the village. Although the road is a 30 mph zone many motorists were travelling far in excess of the speed limit and he believed lack of action by the local council meant that drivers knew there was no chance of them […]

Disabled drivers feel the force of council cutbacks

Blue badge drivers in Tameside will encounter even higher motoring costs next year as the local council look to increase their income. Disabled drivers in the area already reeling from high fuel costs and inflated motor insurance quotes will now have to pay to park in council car parks at the turn of the year. They will also see the price of a blue badge go from £2 to £10, an increase of 400%.
Currently blue badge holders are allowed to park for up to three […]

Farmer surprised to find a car floating in a pond on his land

Helen Rowe was left red faced and embarrassed after she reported her car as stolen to police, only to find that she had forgotten to apply the handbrake and it had rolled off the drive, across a road down the field opposite and ended up in the pond of a farm.
Mrs Rowe had been on a visit at her mother’s home in Coombe where she parked up on the driveway. She then saw it moving off and she immediately called the Police to report the […]

Locals not happy with the increase in traffic

Residents of Belthorn, a village in Lancashire, have suddenly found their village main street blighted with traffic problems as motorists look to avoid traffic lights on a nearby major road, and they are not at all happy about the situation.
The community claim that Belthorn Road is nothing more than a ‘rat run’ with motorists using the stretch to get to the Guide Junction of the M65 and avoid the traffic lights which were installed a few months ago. So far the suggestions put forward range […]

Misleading parking signs are causing misery for drivers

A pensioner who was attending a Sunday church service in Salisbury was shocked to see he had received a £70 fine when he returned to his car and claims the sign in the car park was misleading.
Retired clinical psychologist Tony Miller parked in Castle Street car park at 5.50pm to go to the 6pm service with his wife Jane. The Wiltshire Council sign on the bay he parked in said Blue badge holders only, Mon-Sat, 8am- 6pm, 3 hours parking with no return within 3 […]

Potholes still a big problem for drivers

Research has shown that a third of motorists have had their vehicles damaged by a pothole on the roads of the United Kingdom. The worrying figures were released by the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) who carried out the research.
A further 18% of those questioned said they have either been involved in, or have seen an accident which was caused by a driver hitting a pothole. Of the 3000 drivers who took part in the research, nine out of ten voted repairing potholes as the […]