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Millions of Drivers admit they would Struggle to re-take Driving Test

It is a common belief among drivers that the longer you have been driving for the better you should be at it. Many people often blame young or inexperienced drivers for causing accidents on the road, including car insurance providers who generally charge higher premiums for these groups. However, it has now been revealed that many experienced drivers have admitted that if they had to take their driving test again they would struggle, or even fail.
The survey, conducted by the AA and Populus, […]

Major changes for foreign drivers wanting UK Driving Licences

A BBC investigation into a loophole that was enabling the trade of full UK driving licenses to motorists from non-EU countries had led to the Roads minister Stephen Hammond to change the laws on how driving licenses will be issued to foreign drivers. The BBC found that an arrangement between UK and Hong Kong was being abused by agents who would illegally obtain full UK driving licences for foreign drivers, including nationals from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, the USA, Israel and China.
If nationals from […]

Driver loses his car after insurance mix up

Motorist James Taylor has been left stunned after a mix up between his insurance company and the police left him without a car, and massively out of pocket. His insurance company tried to rectify the situation by sending an email confirming cover, but it came too late for his Rover 45, as the car was reduced to twisted metal after being crushed.
Mr Taylor tried a last-minute attempt to save his beloved car when he went to the police with a letter from his insurance company […]

Teenagers to get help in preparing them for life on the road

Two new courses aimed at giving younger drivers the skills they need before they go onto the roads of the UK could change the bad reputation that teenagers have. Older drivers feel that teenagers drive too fast and are a danger to the more mature motorist.
The courses are a joint partnership between Bedfordshire Council and Highways Contractor Amey and they will be running for the next twelve weeks. Having already proved very popular in the past, the MORE 16 and MORE Drive programmes have been […]

Drivers willing to break the law to stay on the roads

Research has just been released that shows one in thirteen motorists have had to give up their vehicle due to the escalating costs, and millions of others are fearful they will be priced off the road during 2012 if driving gets even more expensive.
The research that was carried out as part of the motoring census of 2011 found that while four in ten say they will have to use their vehicle less in 2012, almost half of the respondents (48.5%) admitted they no longer enjoy […]

Leading motoring magazine goes carbon neutral

The onus on the motoring industry to be more sensitive than others towards carbon emissions has been illustrated once again this week, with the announcement that one of the UK’s leading motor magazines is planning to go carbon neutral.
What Car? magazine is well known throughout the UK and its road tests on new models has influenced many motorists on deciding exactly which vehicle they go out and get a motor insurance quote for. The magazine announced yesterday that it is teaming up with Carbon Neutral […]

Elderly may be programmed to be safe drivers

Researchers at Leeds University have concluded that age has a big bearing on how we drive and explains why elderly drivers hug the centre line. The study also suggests that this is because they are subliminally programmed to be conservative when they are behind the wheel.
The researchers feel that as drivers get older they will develop a tendency to maintain a more central path as this makes them feel safer while driving. Although this safety mechanism has for a long time frustrated others on the […]

PM comes to the aid of diabetic drivers

Motorists with diabetes are to have their Driving Licence Application form changed after an intervention from the Prime Minster David Cameron. Complaints that the EU rules on whether a driver is fit to drive are confusing and being too harshly interpreted by United Kingdom authorities have been rife over the last few months and now the PM has stepped in.
Motorists who use insulin to manage their diabetes are failing to get a licence and some are not renewing them under a directive that bars them […]

Pupils to be rewarded for exam success

A North West school is offering its students free motoring, but only if they do well in their exams next year. GCSE students at Middleton Technology School have been given an added incentive to do well after it was decided to award free driving lessons as a reward for hard work.
The school approached local instructor Phil Stevenson who was more than happy to get involved and he will now give tuition to pupils who get at least a C in five of their exams which […]

Big changes in driving tuition rules

Learner drivers will soon be having driving lessons alongside drivers on the UK’s motorways as big changes take place at the transport ministry.
A radical shake up of the rules surrounding driving instruction as been ushered in by new transport minister Mike Penning. The major difference in the new rules will see learner drivers taking instruction on motorways. It is a bid by the minister to cut down on the tragically high death rates of young drivers and will be introduced next year. Experts believe that […]