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Surround a Town operation nets hundreds of wayward drivers

The combined efforts of Essex Police Force, Trading Standards Officers and officials from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) put the drivers of Clacton- on –Sea under scrutiny this week and unfortunately not everyone passed!
Operation Surround a Town came to Clacton on Wednesday as part of Essex County Council’s long running No Excuse campaign directed at errant motorists. The campaign’s aim is to let motorists know that offences like driving without a seatbelt, speaking on a hand held device and speeding can all impact […]

Mistakes at the fuel pumps are leaving drivers out of pocket

Research has shown that drivers in the United Kingdom are spending in excess of £150 million on repairs each year after they put the wrong fuel in their cars. The in-depth research found that the total equates to a driver mistakenly putting in either petrol or diesel once every 105 seconds.
The mistakes result in more than 300,000 vehicles a year needing to be repaired because of such errors. The research was carried out by Halfords and they estimate that using the wrong kind of fuel […]

Car sales continue to impress

The remarkable performance of the UK motor industry continues apace, as official figures show July was yet another great month for vehicle manufacturers. The continued success of the motor industry will also come as welcome news for car insurance providers as purchasers look for motor insurance quotes on their new vehicles.
The figures released by the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows once more that UK citizens are still prepared to purchase brand new cars if the price is right. July saw 143,844 new […]

Major Boost to Mini Production in the UK

News that a leading German car manufacturer is about to plough another £250 million into its British plants was met with joy yesterday from both Government and motor industry sources.
The decision by BMW to invest the money into its three factories in the UK that produce the Mini will guarantee the future of the 5,500 workers already employed there. The workers in Swindon and Hams Hall will produce more motors and car body panels than ever before, for a Mini range which now stretches to […]

Fuel Duty Bonus for UK Motorists

News of a postponement to the fuel duty levy due to be introduced in August will be welcomed by those who have purchased a motor insurance quote across the UK.
The unexpected announcement by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne in the House of Commons took many by surprise yesterday afternoon but for the majority it was quite a pleasant one. The 3p rise in fuel duty had been widely condemned by the motoring sector as well as industry and business leaders in all corners of […]

Nissan reach their ambitious target quicker than expected

Nissan are celebrating after their ambitious online campaign that was designed to get one million people “turned on” to electric vehicles, hit its target a couple of weeks ahead of time. The initial plan was to reach the one million mark in one-hundred days, but the campaign captured the imagination of people so much that the milestone was reached 13 days ahead of schedule.
Paul Willcox, senior vice president for sales and marketing at Nissan in Europe, said “We are delighted to have hit one million […]

Customers Cynical of Performance Figures on New Cars

An online survey of motorists has discovered that over 80% of us don’t believe the car manufacturers efficiency statistics when it comes to purchasing a new car.
The survey carried out by giant used car sellers Motorpoint managed to get over 2,000 responses from customers who are “clued up” on what they want from a car, and fuel efficiency is now one of the biggest factors. Of course car manufacturers would argue that the figures they put out are accurate but would also admit they are […]

Buyers Pay More for a Convertible Car in Spring and Summer

When the sun is shining in the UK it means one thing: convertible car season is in full swing. Owners will claim that there is nothing better than driving down a country lane with the sun beating down on their neck. However, waiting until the sun is out to buy one usually means the purchaser will be paying a premium price.
Research shows that anyone looking to snap up a convertible bargain will find spring and early summer is the worst period to go searching. This […]