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Two cars written off after wall collapses

A street in a Somerset village is still closed until work to repair a 12ft wall that collapsed and crushed two parked cars has been repaired. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident but the two cars have had to be written off.
There was some confusion over who was responsible for the clearing up of the wall which collapsed on to Bonnie’s Lane, Stoke-sub-Hamdon. At first Somerset County Council said they would be getting their own contractors to clear up the rubble, however, the council […]

Road rage making an unwelcome return to Ireland

Despite many drivers believing that road rage was a thing of the past, new research shows that it is rampant in parts of Ireland. 40% of motorists there say they are involved in at least one angry exchange each week.
The shocking findings also show that one in eight motorists (13%) have been so upset that they have actually got out of their vehicle to confront another driver, while a similar number revealed they have daily bouts of anger while behind the wheel. The report also […]

DVLA censor number plate registrations

Officials working for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have disclosed that a small amount of registration licensing plates are being held back from public sale in case they cause offence.
Although a small percentage of drivers have always gone the extra mile to own a personalised plate it is only over the last decade that the popularity of owning your very own number plate has taken off. Now thousands of motorists regard transferring their own number plate to a new car as normal as […]

Fund raisers take on 10,000 mile challenge

It is the sort of challenge that would give any motor insurance provider sleepless nights, but three youngsters from the Norfolk area are planning to enter a car rally that will see them traverse 17 countries, five mountain ranges and three deserts.
Dale Whitcombe. Tom Clifford and Lee Slater have signed up for the Mongol Rally in 2013 and although the race is still 10 months away they are already making plans to ensure their team “Justkhazakhan” will complete the gruelling 10,000 mile race. The three […]

Jaguar pounce to take customer care title

Traditionally motorists looking for a new car weigh up a multitude of considerations before making a decision. Fuel consumption and motor insurance rating figure highly on most people’s list of course, and according to What Car Magazine so does the service one receives at the manufacturer’s dealerships.
In conjunction with consumer champions, JD Power, the magazine has come up with the top ten motor manufacturer dealerships in the UK. It has surveyed 15,000 readers to get an accurate result, and they were asked to consider factors […]

Call for a ban on car washing in the street

Owners of petrol stations across the UK are calling on the government to ban members of the public from washing their vehicles in the street in a bid to bring more people into garage forecourts to use mechanical car washes.
Although most people will see this as some sort of spoof Government regulation Brian Madderson, leader of the Retail Motor Industry Federation, is deadly serious. He pointed out that areas of Germany already ban car washing in the streets for environmental reasons and wants the UK […]

Vandalised signs causing problems for residents

Vandals have spray painted signs in Oxford, meaning residents’ parking restrictions are currently unenforceable. Six signs which inform motorists about residents’ parking schemes and time restrictions have had silver car paint sprayed over them.
Tradesmen working in the area who did not take the time to get a parking permit are being blamed for the criminal damage, with allegations from residents that they have defaced the signs to avoid getting permits. In the last twelve months about one-hundred parking signs have been defaced in the city […]

New breed of speed cameras set for UK roads

Motorists across the UK may well find themselves renewing acquaintance with an old enemy they thought had gone forever.
A survey of local safety partnerships has revealed that the great majority of them are actively installing new enforcement cameras or seriously considering doing so. The new cameras will be digital and will not require personnel to change the film or service them. It is a much cheaper option than the old style cameras and the cash collected will stay in the coffers of the safety partnership […]

Police issue warning to increasing number of drivers taking photographs

Police in Norfolk and Suffolk are warning drivers to keep their eyes on the road ahead after a worrying increase in the number of drivers slowing down and taking pictures of crashes on their smartphones as they drive past accidents.
Driving and using smartphones for social networking is becoming a growing menace on the roads of the United Kingdom and motoring organisations are calling on the Government, mobile phone companies and social network providers to show motorists that they are risking their lives if they try […]

Dozens of law breaking motorists pulled by Road Policing Unit in a matter of hours

Police in the South Ribble area of Lancashire are the latest group of law enforcers to crackdown on motorists who just can’t stick to the rules.
Officers from the Road Policing Unit (RPU) set up checkpoints in and around Leyland Town Centre and targeted drivers who were using mobile devices while driving, driving without road tax or motor insurance and driving without a seat belt. The team were disappointed to find that many motorists still have not got the message about safe driving and it wasn’t […]