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Car Seats and Safety

It is common knowledge that children must be seated in a car seat or a booster seat for safety reasons. However, parents are now being asked to read and understand legislation after it is revealed that there are some gaps in knowledge about what is required when it comes to car seats.
Brake are a road safety campaign group and they have found that even though parents know their children must be sat in a car seat of some kind only 26% actually knew the laws. […]

Ford Recalls 465,000 Vehicles

Ford have had to issue a global recall of 465,000 cars due to a leaky fuel tank which is causing concerns over the risk of fires breaking out after there were 600 complaints. The vehicles that are affected are: Explorer, Fusion, Police Utility, Taurus, Flex, MKS, MKZ, MKT, Police Interceptor and Lincoln that were manufactured in 2013. Unfortunately for those who hold a motor insurance policy for one of these vehicles, Ford have also announced that they actually won’t have enough parts to replace all […]

Vehicles Being Recalled Due to Faulty Airbags

3.4 million cars across the word are being recalled by Japanese carmakers because they have discovered that there is a fault with some of the airbags.
The cars that have been affected are those that have been supplied with airbags for the front passenger seat by Takata. They are being recalled because it is believed that they have some safety defects. The defect is that they have too much pressure inside of them so when they are released they go off with a bigger bang than […]

Crouch End police car crash wrecks florist shop

A police armed response car on an emergency call swerved off the road and smashed into a florist shop causing thousands of pounds in damage.
Witnesses said the police car which was supposedly “full of weapons and guns” careered off the road into an Audi, which caused both cars to end up inside the Crouch End shop. Although the damage to the Audi wasn’t too severe, even in these situations you need to make sure you have a valid motor insurance policy on your vehicle.
If the […]

Surround a Town operation nets hundreds of wayward drivers

The combined efforts of Essex Police Force, Trading Standards Officers and officials from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) put the drivers of Clacton- on –Sea under scrutiny this week and unfortunately not everyone passed!
Operation Surround a Town came to Clacton on Wednesday as part of Essex County Council’s long running No Excuse campaign directed at errant motorists. The campaign’s aim is to let motorists know that offences like driving without a seatbelt, speaking on a hand held device and speeding can all impact […]

North-East Scotland has the most car accidents

Researchers have carried out an extensive report to find out where the most road accidents occur in Scotland. The ‘crash map’ identified the north east of the country as being the area in which motorists are most likely to be involved in an accident that requires a claim on a car insurance policy.
The map, compiled by the ABI (Association of British Insurers), shows Banff and Buchan as the hotspots that send shivers down the spine of car insurance firms, followed by West Aberdeenshire and […]

Drivers to be stopped from using alcohol loophole

Motorists who fail a breath test by a small amount may have their right to a blood or urine test removed. This will close the loophole that gives drivers vital time to sober up while they wait for a blood or urine sample to be taken at the police station.
Currently around 8% of drivers arrested for drink-driving opt for a second chance blood test and one quarter of those who have done so in a police station where there is no doctor have escaped prosecution […]

Yet another recall from Toyota

Last month it was faulty window switches and this month it is faulty steering columns and water pumps, the problems plaguing one of the world’s biggest manufacturers continue.
Toyota this week announced it is recalling 2.8 million cars worldwide to fix problems reported by around 400 consumers. The fault affects nine of their models worldwide but in the UK it is confined to just three. Motorists holding motor insurance certificates on the Avensis, Corolla and Prius can expect to be contacted and Toyota UK estimate that […]

Catapult used in late night attack on vehicles

Vandals armed with catapults are being blamed for causing serious damage to at least thirty cars and vans parked in numerous roads in Gravesend, Kent earlier this month. Residents claim the culprits were driving a white van and targeted vehicles at random in their drive-by attack.
Police are investigating the vandalism, which comes just a fortnight after a number of similar catapult attacks were reported in other towns in Kent. Police are not yet linking the incidents but they are appealing for information from the general […]

Mistakes at the fuel pumps are leaving drivers out of pocket

Research has shown that drivers in the United Kingdom are spending in excess of £150 million on repairs each year after they put the wrong fuel in their cars. The in-depth research found that the total equates to a driver mistakenly putting in either petrol or diesel once every 105 seconds.
The mistakes result in more than 300,000 vehicles a year needing to be repaired because of such errors. The research was carried out by Halfords and they estimate that using the wrong kind of fuel […]