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Cost of Owning a Car Accelerates

A leading UK motoring organisation reports that the cost of running a car has passed the £6,000 a year barrier for the first time ever, as inflationary factors continue to blight vehicle owners across the nation.
The report from the RAC shows that owning a car has become a whole lot more expensive, and the figures collated for 2011 reflect just how much on-costs have accelerated. At the end of 2010 it was estimated the average cost of running a car in the UK was £5,869, […]

Motorists Cut Back on Journeys as Car Costs Continue to Soar

As the cost of motoring continues to test the pockets of most drivers in the UK, a survey by one leading British company suggests almost 50% of drivers are now cutting down on journeys.
The report from the Post Office says customers are becoming increasingly worried about their motoring future and are looking for ways to cut their costs. The survey questioned over 2,000 motorists and showed that 46% of drivers now use their cars less than they did 12 months ago. 1 in 3 drivers […]

Technology Blamed for Reduced Number of Younger Scottish Drivers

Smart phone technology and social networking has been linked to Scottish youngsters deciding not to get a driving license. Transport experts are convinced that the popularity of phone and internet communication is making it less important for young adults to travel and meet up with friends in person.
The official stats show that there are less than a third of people aged under 21 in Scotland that actually have a driving licence when compared with figures from 1992. The number of people in their twenties […]

Hospital car park is using too many spaces

Bosses at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital are going to ask planners to lift a restriction on the number of car parking spaces that can be used.
The hospital has breached the rules set out in its planning permission by making 1,812 of its 2,041 parking spaces available to staff, patients, and visitors. The hospital trust say that even though they are in breach of the rules, the number of spaces currently available is still not enough for staff and patients, some are still finding it […]

Coalition government reluctant to give up chauffeur driven cars

Not long after the election, one of the first cost cutting measures announced by the new Coalition Government was that only the handful of senior ministers who require a vehicle for security reasons would be the only ones designated a specific car. The rest would have to make do with the government car pool as and when the need arose. The remainder of the time, the politicians would be expected to make use of public transport. The saving to the public would be about £2.8m.  […]

Cost of living continues to increase

People in the United Kingdom are paying out more than £18,500 per year on bills, according to research revealed today.
The average home pays out £1,541.91 on rent or mortgage payments, utility bills and food each month. That’s a grand total of £18,502.86 in 12 months.  The research revealed that the cost of living has risen by £642 in the past year, increasing from £17,860 12 months ago. Mobile phone spending, a motor insurance quote and rent/mortgage costs have seen the biggest increase over the past […]