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Northern Ireland introduces new Driving Laws

Over the past year a number of groups have called for the UK’s driving test to be changed so that learners have to spend at least twelve months practicing before they are allowed to take their tests. Furthermore, many believe that it would be better for learner drivers to be taught how to drive at night, on the motorway and in bad weather conditions in order to better prepare them for when they are allowed to drive on their own.
Those that have put these […]

Government debating changing rules for Learner Drivers

The government is debating changing the amount of time drivers must practice before being allowed to take their driving test, as well as introducing different types of driving they must be proficient in before they are allowed on the road on their own. Young drivers are known to cause more accidents, which is why many bodies are calling for the amount and types of training students receive to be increased.
This spring a Green Paper will be published suggesting that learner drivers should be taught […]