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Commuters Sleeping in Cars to Save on Petrol

A joint survey undertaken by the RAC and FairFuel UK has shown that commuters are now resorting to sleeping in their cars in order to save money on petrol. The report states that one in sixteen drivers have slept in a car to save money by minimising the amount of times they drive to work each week. Furthermore, three percent of those surveyed have admitted to camping near their places of work in order to reduce the amount of times they have to […]

Motorists Cut Back on Journeys as Car Costs Continue to Soar

As the cost of motoring continues to test the pockets of most drivers in the UK, a survey by one leading British company suggests almost 50% of drivers are now cutting down on journeys.
The report from the Post Office says customers are becoming increasingly worried about their motoring future and are looking for ways to cut their costs. The survey questioned over 2,000 motorists and showed that 46% of drivers now use their cars less than they did 12 months ago. 1 in 3 drivers […]

Economics Driving Consumers to Car Showrooms

Motorists in the UK are increasingly looking to purchase car insurance on vehicles with low carbon emissions and economic usage of fuel.
That is the outcome of a report from the industry leading Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The report shows that new cars with their technological advances are becoming more popular with consumers, and it is down to the modern day cost of motoring. According to SMMT almost half of all new cars sold last year had emissions of less than 130 grams […]

Chancellor Shows No Pity For Motorists

Motorists across the UK will have been disappointed yesterday when Chancellor George Osborne announced the Budget to his fellow MP’s in the Houses of Parliament.
It was hoped that Mr Osborne’s budget would offer some relief to motorists who are experiencing higher fuel costs and motor insurance quotes than ever before. However, it now seems that the lobby on Parliament by thousands of motorists supporting the Fair Fuel campaign had little impression on the Chancellor, as he announced a further increase on fuel duty will go […]

Driving for pleasure becoming too expensive

A survey carried out by leading motor insurance providers shows that more motorists than ever are worried about the rising cost of keeping a car on the road.
A survey of over 1000 motorists revealed that most drivers have prepared themselves for a dramatic reduction in their motoring if fuel prices continue to escalate. If fuel reaches £2 per litre 20% said they would stop using their car completely while another 10% said it would be at this point when they would look to change to […]

Running a vehicle is getting no cheaper

Research carried out by a leading motoring group shows that motorists are not just being hit by soaring fuel prices; they have also seen a rapid increase in the cost of premiums on a motor insurance quote, higher garage repair fees and a fall in the resale value of their vehicles.
This all means that drivers are now paying 14% more than they did a year ago to run their vehicle. And the huge increase is almost three times the rate of inflation. The RAC figures […]

Statistics prove that speed cameras are saving lives

Police in Warwickshire claim that data collected over a number of years and published this week backs up their view that fixed speed cameras have had a positive impact on both traffic speed and road casualties since they were first introduced a decade ago.
The speed camera survey was a joint operation by Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire Police and the data includes the number of collisions and casualties at each of the fixed camera sites in the borough. It also includes the traffic speeds […]

Cabbies lead the way in fuel saving experiment

A challenge issued to a small group of taxi drivers from cities across the UK has highlighted just how much drivers can save in fuel if they adopt good driving habits.
The trial which was headed by the Shell Company recruited 18 cab drivers from various cities and asked them to try and cut their fuel usage by 10% over the course of one month. Fourteen of the drivers had computers installed in their cabs to monitor their driving patterns while the remaining four were to […]

Increasing number of motorists choosing to leave their cars at home

Drivers throughout a Lancashire town are following other areas of the UK by giving up their vehicles due to petrol prices. A survey by local paper The Bolton News found motorists are either driving less or selling and switching to a cheaper form of transport.
The news confirms the recent report by breakdown company, Green Flag, whose own survey found two in ten drivers were taking their cars off the road. They also say there has been a 40% increase in fuel related breakdown call outs […]

Parking meters not ready for change

Motoring organisations across the country are reporting that members are inundating them with complaints about local authorities making money out of drivers by installing no change parking meters.
The plight of drivers in the Lancashire town of Preston is typical of what motorists across the UK are experiencing. According to figures gained by a local paper on a freedom of information request, Preston council makes £4,500 solely by the installation of parking meters that do not give change to drivers. Four car parks in the town […]