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Concerns over new environmentally friendly petrol

The government has been under pressure for the past few years to find new alternatives to petrol in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK and attain its targets for sustainability required by the EU. Climate change has been a big concern for governments across the world for a long time now, however the fact that fossil fuels are also starting to run out also means that they are trying to find new ways to power vehicles before it […]

Hybrid cars to lose Exemption from London Congestion charge

Whilst the car manufacturing industry has been pleased with the increase in sales of hybrid cars, they soon may find that it will fall due to the fact that the government is planning on scrapping congestion charge exemption for many hybrid vehicles. Currently, nearly half of all cars purchased in the UK are powered by diesel, however it has now been claimed that they may not be as beneficial for the environment as previously thought.
According to Transport for London, the increase in sales of […]

Demand for Green Cars Beginning to Accelerate

According to research carried out by SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) CO2 emission level figures on new cars are getting greener. The average CO2 emissions for a new car went down by 4.2% last year and have reduced by 23% in the last decade.
However, the average new car figure of 138g of CO2 per one kilometre is still higher than the 2015 European legislative target of 130g/km. SMMT figures showed that last year only half of new cars had emissions below the 130g/km […]

Economics Driving Consumers to Car Showrooms

Motorists in the UK are increasingly looking to purchase car insurance on vehicles with low carbon emissions and economic usage of fuel.
That is the outcome of a report from the industry leading Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The report shows that new cars with their technological advances are becoming more popular with consumers, and it is down to the modern day cost of motoring. According to SMMT almost half of all new cars sold last year had emissions of less than 130 grams […]

Leading motoring magazine goes carbon neutral

The onus on the motoring industry to be more sensitive than others towards carbon emissions has been illustrated once again this week, with the announcement that one of the UK’s leading motor magazines is planning to go carbon neutral.
What Car? magazine is well known throughout the UK and its road tests on new models has influenced many motorists on deciding exactly which vehicle they go out and get a motor insurance quote for. The magazine announced yesterday that it is teaming up with Carbon Neutral […]

Zero emission grant set to start in January

At long last the much vaunted Government grant for plug-in vehicles has been given the go-ahead. The deal which will start on January 1st 2011 was first proposed by the last Labour Government and although the Coalition Government never actually scrapped it they have been very slow in actually confirming they would honour the deal.
The grant has now been confirmed and producers of cars such as the new zero emission Nissan Leaf will be expecting the grant to encourage a lot more motorists to get […]