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New battery for electric cars will cost almost as much as the vehicle

The current drive to try and get more drivers to get motor insurance quotes for an electric vehicle has had a worrying setback after it has been revealed that a new replacement battery could cost the owner a whooping £19,000.
A lithium ion battery is made up of 48 modules which would each cost £404 to replace. It is this type of battery that powers the world’s best-selling electric car, the Nissan Leaf. If the entire 48 modules all need replacing at the same time it […]

Drivers are not in any rush to buy green vehicles

The number of drivers taking advantage of the Coalition scheme to promote green vehicles has been less of a success than was first forecast. The RAC Foundation say
Official Government figures show that only 215 electric cars were bought via the scheme in the three months to June 2011.
This figure is less than half of the vehicles sold during January-March 2011 when 466 were purchased. The Coalition had hoped more drivers would be getting car insurance quotes for green vehicles. Under the scheme both drivers and […]

Renault award British Gas the contract to install charging points for their vehicles

Renault have announced that British Gas will be their supplier of vehicle charging points for their brand new range of zero emission fully electric cars and vans throughout the United Kingdom. The motor manufacturer was involved with several utility companies about the contract but finally opted for the household name supplier.
The agreement was officially announced during the technical forum for the RAC Future Car Challenge which was held in London. The partnership means that British Gas will install charge points in both homes and businesses […]

UK faces a race against time to meet its electric car targets

Anyone driving an electric car in North London can head to Sainsbury’s in Islington where they will be guaranteed a free parking place and charging point. They have been there for over 12 months waiting for an electric car customer. In all the time they have been there hardly anyone has used them, and it must becoming a concern for the industry.
2011 is supposed to be the year when getting a motor insurance quote for an electric car starts to become a reality throughout the […]

Newcastle at the forefront of a greener future

Newcastle City Council have secured a multi million pound contract which will boost the region’s aim to be one of the leaders of the electric car revolution, now funding for 580 charging points for electric powered vehicles has been secured.
The Council will now strategically place the plug points around the city and surrounding areas. The hope is that the investment of £3.5m from the development agency One North East, will persuade drivers to purchase greener vehicles. Engineers from the council will be responsible for the […]

No long term commitment on electric cars

A coalition government grant scheme which gives drivers up to £5,000 off the price of a new electric car has been slashed by 80%, according to opposition politicians and green campaigners. If a motor insurance quote for an electric car turns out to be cheap, the scheme could well be over subscribed. The fate of charging points to power such low emission vehicles also hangs in the balance. In the face of lobbying from the electric car makers, who argued that cancelling the incentive, would […]