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Electric car manufacturer Tesla makes a profit

The electric car market is currently extremely tough, and many people still don’t have much faith when it comes to companies that manufacturer just electric vehicles such as Tesla Motors. However, it was announced yesterday that the company has actually achieved a massive $11.2 million in profit and produced over five thousand Model S units. Discussing the success of the company, founder and CEO Elon Musk said: “They didn’t believe we’d do these numbers so they didn’t quite tool up for the forecast […]

Experts advise to sell electric cars ‘like mobile phones’

Due to sustainability targets most governments across the world are currently coming up with schemes to incentivise people to buy electric cars over their more traditional counterparts. For instance, in the UK the government has introduced the Plug-In Grant scheme, which gives those willing to buy a plug-in or hybrid car £5,000 towards the costs. However, these types of vehicles are still not proving popular in the UK, and only 3,600 vehicles have been bought using this scheme, and experts are claiming that […]

World’s fastest electric car revealed at Shanghai Motor Show

Last Friday we discussed Richard Hammond’s top picks from the Shanghai Motor Show, and as you can expect he chose some of the most technologically advanced vehicles, as well as those that will have the biggest effect on the car markets in the next few years. The Shanghai Motor Show has been called one of the most important motor shows of the entire year due to the fact that car market in China is currently booming, meaning that manufacturers are using the show as […]

Jaguar Land Rover chief dismisses Electric Cars

Electric cars are nothing new, however they are still not very popular amongst drivers across the world as they are deemed impractical and of bad quality. Yet due to the negative environmental effects of petrol and the fact that fossil fuels are running out, the UK government is planning on investing more money into electric cars in the hope that they will eventually become popular in the UK car market.
However, yesterday the chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover, Ralf Speth, said that he thinks […]

Silent cars set be be fitted with artifical noise enhancers

A vote yesterday by the European Parliament is set to lead to the new rules coming into force by the end of next year regarding electric and hybrid cars being fitted with artificial noise.
Campaign groups including Guide Dogs for the Blind have long been fighting for the current laws to change, highlighting the danger posed to pedestrians from cars that run almost silent at low speed.
TRL, formerly the Government’s Transport Research Laboratory, found that, taking into account the number of vehicles on the road, the […]

New Electric Car Racing Series to be introduced

Due to the decreasing amounts of fossil fuels and increasing concerns over global warming there have been calls for more electric cars to be sold on the car market. In order to better interest in electric cars, the motorsport governing body FIA is planning on introducing an electric car racing series next year. Lord Drayson, former science minister, is running one of the first teams that are to sign up for what will be called ‘Formula E’, and says that the electric car […]

Sales of Electric Cars expected to double in 2013

In 2013 the sale of electric cars is set to double, especially as they are becoming cheaper and more charging points are being built across the country. In 2012 only three thousand electric cars were bought, which is set to rise to about six thousand this year according to Ben Lane from At the moment most electric cars are bought by businesses as part of their company car fleets, as it helps them reduce their carbon emissions and improve their corporate responsibility.
Lane […]

Will the Ampera Spark Interest in Electric Cars

Motorists looking to go green now have a new mass produced factory model to choose from as General Motors launch the Vauxhall Ampera in the UK.
The new car is certainly different to the two mass produced electric vehicles already on the market in the UK, primarily because it has a petrol engine as well as a battery pack and it is this feature that makes Vauxhall believe their new car will do better than the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Fluence ZE. In all truth […]

Manufacturer Confident That the Ampera Will Give Electric Car Sales a Boost

Vauxhall are expecting to give a boost to the electric car sector by launching a new model in their showrooms. The Ampera is one of the newest vehicles eligible for the Coalition’s £5,000 plugged-in car discount scheme and they claim it will end the fears over range anxiety due to a limited battery life.
Last year, the then transport secretary Phillip Hammond claimed that 2011 would be the year the electric car finally took off. However, only 1,000 were sold last year, and figures for the […]

Top Gear Win Court Case Involving Electric Car

With the car industry still trying to convince the UK’s motoring millions that purchasing motor insurance on an electric car is a good idea, the latest failure to sue a top TV show by American electric car maker Tesla will not be welcome publicity.
The story behind the court case goes back to 2008 when Jeremy Clarkson, the effervescent presenter of BBC’s motoring show Top Gear, predicted that the Tesla Car would run out of power after 55 miles when driven fast round a motor test […]