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Commuters admit to Dangerous Driving

Driving during rush hour in the morning or the evening is one of the most stressful daily experiences many of us go through, especially when on the way to work as many commuters worry about being late for work due to traffic. This means that many drivers often don’t adhere to speed limits and can often be dangerous while on the road, which ultimately leads to accidents and even injuries. This is why it has come as no surprise that a recent survey […]

Curfews may be imposed on new drivers

The other day we discussed how the government is planning on introducing stricter rules concerning learner drivers and the amount of time they have to spend practicing before they are allowed to take their driving test. Now the government is not only debating stricter laws for learner drivers but also those that have recently passed their tests. Under the new laws, new drivers may face restrictions as to what times they can drive and how many people they are allowed to have in […]

Motorists still frustrated by potholes

A few months ago we reported how there were growing concerns over the cold and wet weather creating more potholes on the road which were damaging thousands of motorists’ cars each year leading to them having to claim on their motor insurance. There were hopes that the weather would have improved by now, but the continuing cold snap has meant that potholes are appearing in more and more roads across the UK and damaging an increasing number of vehicles.
This is why the AA conducted a […]

Health Minister wants to ban Smoking while Driving

The government’s Health Minister has suggested that drivers should no longer be allowed to smoke in their vehicles if their children are with them due to the fact that second-hand smoke is harmful for children. Anna Soubry, who is a former smoker herself, announced her opinions at the Local Government’s Association annual public health conference, and said: “I would ban smoking in cars where children are present. I would do that for the protection of children. I believe in protecting children. […]

New RAC report investigates Elderly Drivers

Many people have presumptions when it comes to elderly drivers, which has led to the RAC Foundation carrying out a new investigation into drivers over the age of seventy. Currently in the UK, once someone turns 70 they are required to declare whether or not they are fit to continue driving, which they then have to repeat every three years. However, the investigation found that many drivers who think they are still safe to drive are not physically or mentally fit enough to […]

Calls for Florida to change new driving licence rules for British Drivers

When planning on driving a car abroad it is important to make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork before getting behind the wheel. You will firstly need to make sure your car insurance policy covers you for driving in certain countries, or if you are planning on hiring a car you need to read the policy of the insurance document carefully so you don’t get caught out. Depending on which country you visit you may also have to apply for an […]

Auto Trader survey shows Young People are Struggling to get on the Road

There have been a vast amount of news articles recently discussing how the cost of running a vehicle is becoming too expensive for many to afford, especially as the way that compensation is now being paid to victims of accidents has now changed meaning that car insurance premiums have increased. Now a survey conducted by Auto Trader has shown that more and more young drivers are struggling to get on the road as they cannot afford expensive car insurance policies or the cost of […]

Newcastle Residents to be hit with Increased Motor charges

Motorists generally do not welcome increased traffic restrictions and fines around in their local area, especially as many claim that running a vehicle is already expensive enough due to the cost of petrol, car insurance, road tax and MOTs. Therefore residents of Newcastle will be unhappy to hear that the local council is planning on introducing stricter motoring rules in the area, which will include penalising those that are caught performing illegal U-turns, ignoring no-entry signs, or driving in bus lanes.
It has been reported […]

Women warned against driving in Wellington Boots whilst driving

We have all heard the warnings about driving in the snow – in fact even we have been trying to keep you up to date on the weather and the roads for the past couple of days! But it seems that there is now a new danger when it comes to driving in the cold weather: dangerous footwear. Whilst many of us are wrapping up and trying to keep warm, women have been warned that driving in certain types of shoes may actually […]

Traffic to become worse due to recent Snow

This week the whole of the UK has seen the first snow of the year, and whilst many are enjoying the cold weather, motorists have been facing countless problems. There have already been many reports of traffic jams and accidents caused by the icy weather, and it is expected that motor insurance claims will increase in the next few weeks as more snow is supposed to fall.
The worst of the snow has been in the north of the UK, where in Scotland and the […]