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Drivers to be fined £90 if caught texting while driving

Using your mobile phone while driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents, which is why most motor insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you are found guilty of using your phone behind the wheel. Even if you are not involved in an accident, if you are caught using your phone while driving then you can be fined or even taken to court, and now it has been reported that Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has decided to double the fine for […]

East Lancaster’s senior drivers offered lessons

At the moment there is a huge debate concerning learner drivers and how the rules may change concerning driving lessons and what a student needs to learn before they are allowed to take their test or be given a driving licence. However, Lancaster City Council has now decided to introduce a driving course for those over sixty five in order to give them more confidence on the road and reduce the number of accidents which that age demographic age involved in.

Different driving rules across Europe explained

The summer holidays are just a few months away, which means that many Brits are starting to think about going on a car journey across Europe. However, even though it is common knowledge that there are different driving rules on the continent (driving on the right-hand side of the road being the main one!) there are a few that seem to be less well-known. This is why This is Money has recently published an article explaining some of the driving rules that could […]

Recent research shows danger of driving while tired

We have all seen the signs while driving on the motorway warning us that ‘tiredness can kill’ and suggesting that pulling over and having a rest is the best thing to do if you feel yourself becoming sleepy while driving. However, it seems as though many people are not heeding this advice, especially as recent research has shown that one in ten drivers has admitted they that have fallen asleep while behind the wheel, and one in four have said they have felt drowsy […]

Voice-to-text driving still dangerous

Texting while driving is dangerous due to the fact that it forces you to pay less attention to the road both physically and mentally, which is why it is illegal in the UK. Therefore, most road users now use a hands-free or Bluetooth kit in their cars so they can speak on their phone while still keeping their hands on the wheel. More and more companies are coming up with ways for drivers to use their mobile phones safely on the road, including […]

Crouch End police car crash wrecks florist shop

A police armed response car on an emergency call swerved off the road and smashed into a florist shop causing thousands of pounds in damage.
Witnesses said the police car which was supposedly “full of weapons and guns” careered off the road into an Audi, which caused both cars to end up inside the Crouch End shop. Although the damage to the Audi wasn’t too severe, even in these situations you need to make sure you have a valid motor insurance policy on your vehicle.
If the […]

Speed cameras reduce dangerous driving on A127

Last week we wrote an article discussing how all the static speed cameras in Coventry have been turned off due to the fact that the police have stated that converting them into digital cameras would be too expensive and not cost efficient. Therefore in the county there are now four mobile speed cameras in police vans instead, however it is yet to be seen whether this decision will have a detrimental effect on the roads.
Speed cameras are known as a great deterrent when it […]

Men proved better at Driving Tests

It’s a controversial subject, and one that has sparked a thousand heated arguments between the two sexes. However, there is now a definitive answer to who are the better drivers, women or men, and it seems that the men have won – but only during their driving tests. According to a new survey, men are much less likely to make a major mistake during their driving test than women, with the Driving Standards Agency revealing last year women made 857,000 faults while men only […]

Speed Cameras turned off in Coventry

In our blog post yesterday we discussed how up to eight thousand drivers in the UK have twelve points on their licence due to speeding multiple times yet have not been banned from driving. It has been claimed that courts are not banning dangerous drivers as many claim that by doing so they would experience “extreme hardship”, however the fact that so many are allowed on the road means they could be a danger to themselves as well as other drivers.
Most of the time […]

Dangerous drivers avoiding bans

It is something that has happened to most drivers at one point or another – you are driving down the road at the wrong speed and then notice a flash from a speed camera. Generally, these cameras are put into place on roads where driving over the set speed limit could lead to an accident or endanger pedestrians or cyclists. Most drivers who are caught speeding via speed cameras are usually going only a few miles an hour over the speed limit; however […]