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Police are to target females in their festive drink driving campaign

Females are being warned about the dangers of drink driving as the festive party season is fast approaching. Police feel that females in their 30s are most at risk and they will be the focus of this year’s crackdown.
At the launch of Oxfordshire’s annual operation against the drivers who ignore the law, police confirmed that they will be out on the county’s roads 24 hours a day to ensure that they can target any lunchtime drinkers, drivers who decide to take a risk and drive […]

Police ask suspected drink driver to drive to the station

A driver who was stopped by the police on suspected drink-driving was told to drive himself to the police station where he would be given a breath test. The strange request was due to the fact the police had run out of disposable straws used in breathalysers.
Because they had run out of the straws, they were unable to test Mr Jon Herron by the roadside. They then asked him to drive slowly to the station while they followed him. The route to the station meant […]

Campaign which targets impaired driving starts in Sussex

With the United Kingdom on the cusp of another summer, the police force in Sussex are about to launch their yearly campaign which targets people who put not just their own but other people’s lives at risk by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired.
The month long campaign sees Sussex Police join fellow officers from forces throughout the country to carry out schemes to catch drivers who wrongly believe that drink or drug driving is acceptable. The fire service and all the local […]

Female drink drivers need better help

New research on female drink driving has revealed that the offenders are quite often older than their male counterparts, have had a better education and are more than likely divorced. Academics at Nottingham took into account data from throughout the world and now want more effective treatment which targets this demographic.
The research also found out that existing rehabilitation programmes for females are inducing feelings of shame and guilt which only increases the risk of re-offending. During the investigation it was also revealed that female drink-drivers […]

Drunk nine year old caught driving a stolen car

A boy aged just nine was apprehended in Cumbria this week for driving offences. The boy, who is too young to be prosecuted by the police for a criminal offence, was arrested in Cumbria for being drunk behind the wheel. The shocking fact is that the boy is only one of hundreds of underage drivers who commit offences on the roads of the UK every week.
He was breathalysed at the scene and when he failed the test was then taken to the police station where […]

Police take tough stance on anti-social drivers

A Scottish police force are assuring members of the public that they will not allow anti-social motorists to ruin the lives of law abiding citizens, as they crack down on rogue drivers. Forfar Community Council was given an update on the policing issues regarding anti-social driving during their latest meeting, where the local police force revealed they had seized 32 vehicles as part of the ongoing operation.
The behaviour of some motorists in one local area is constantly raised at community council meetings, with the antics […]

Drivers to be denied a blood test if stopped on suspicion of drink driving

Drivers who are marginally over the drink drive limit when stopped by the police are going to lose the right to demand a blood test after the biggest changes to the drink drive law in over 40 years comes into place.
The Transport Secretary intends to plug the loophole which enables drivers to sober up while the police try and find a doctor or nurse to carry out the blood test. This is just one of a series of far reaching changes unveiled as part of […]

Drink driver caught after phoning the police for help

A driver who was over the legal alcohol limit has been banned from the roads of the United Kingdom for three years after he was caught when he phoned the police himself.
Luke Marshall phoned for help when his vehicle broke down in Stockton, Hartlepool. However, when officers arrived they immediately smelt alcohol on his breath and when tested it showed he was nearly two times over the drink-drive limit. Mr Marshall was banned from driving for 36 months after Magistrates heard this was the second […]

New calls for zero tolerance of drink driving

The Transport Select Committee has made fresh calls for a reduction in the drink drive limit from 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitre of blood to only 20 milligrams. Because the human body produces some alcohol naturally, this would effectively mean there would be a ‘zero tolerance’ of anyone driving a vehicle even after just one drink.
Anyone caught breaking the new limit would face an automatic one year driving ban which would mean the UK would have the toughest drink driving laws in Western […]

Taking out the dog proves costly

A man made a bad decision when taking his dog out for a walk at midnight, which led to him losing his driving licence. He will also see an increase in his next motor insurance quote because of it. Philip Anthony Hubbert, a former security guard, went home after drinking alcohol at a darts presentation and then decided to take his dog for a midnight stroll to allow it a call of nature. Mr Hubbert then became concerned when he saw a group of teenagers […]