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Highways Agency charge £30,000 for two new signs

A spending review has been called for after the Highways Agency told a Cambridge MP that it would cost £30,000 to have two small safety signs put up on a rural road. The politician is part of a committee that investigates wasteful spending of public funds and has said this is the most expensive case he has come across.
Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay lobbied the Highways Agency to put up the two signs which would warn drivers of upcoming turns on the A47 between Guyhirn and […]

Police promise to sort out parking problems

After a number of near misses have been reported at schools in the area, East Renfrewshire’s chief inspector wants to tackle parking and traffic problems outside the areas schools before a tragedy occurs.
The number of residents complaining about traffic congestion around many local schools has seen both the police and the council join together to try and finally stamp out the problems in the morning and afternoon. Chief Inspector Alan Murray says some schools are significantly worse than others and he wants the parents who […]

Massive drop in fuel usage reported by AA study

A study by one of the UK’s largest motoring organisations suggests Britain’s drivers are finding their own way round the increasing cost of fuel by simply consuming less petrol and diesel.
The report by the Automobile Association (AA) compared fuel usage today with that of three years ago and the results were quite staggering. According to the AA, fuel consumption for the first half of 2011 is an amazing 1.7 billion litres less than the same period in 2008. The AA put the drop in usage […]

Increasing number of motorists choosing to leave their cars at home

Drivers throughout a Lancashire town are following other areas of the UK by giving up their vehicles due to petrol prices. A survey by local paper The Bolton News found motorists are either driving less or selling and switching to a cheaper form of transport.
The news confirms the recent report by breakdown company, Green Flag, whose own survey found two in ten drivers were taking their cars off the road. They also say there has been a 40% increase in fuel related breakdown call outs […]

Speed offences to be redefined

Drivers who speed by no more than 10mph could possibly escape a fine and points on their licences under new proposals which may see a large number of speed cameras brought back into service.
The errant drivers will instead be invited to attend a speed awareness course, with the money raised from higher fees going towards the funding for the speed cameras. Under the new guidelines, drivers could escape prosecution and choose to take the course if they are caught driving at 10% over the speed […]

Parking permit surcharge could force diesel cars off the road

The owners of diesel cars are facing higher charges for their yearly parking permit in major cities because of growing concern over their effect on air quality. Some council’s have already begun to increase the cost for the vehicles which were in the past considered to be more environmentally friendly because of their lower emissions.
A driver with a typical family diesel car will now have to face up to the fact they will be paying over £150 a year to park outside their home. There […]

Classic toy cars go up for auction

An auction lot of 350 cars will be going on sale later this week and although the new owner will never have to get a motor insurance quote on any of them, he will have to dig deep in his pockets to buy them. These are classic toy cars and they are set to cause auction frenzy later this week.
The cars range from the bright red Ford, detectives Starsky and Hutch drove, the black Cadillac from classic gangster film The Godfather, to American pick ups […]

Zero-emission vehicles to get the green light

If predictions are correct, there will be a revolution in the motoring industry in the coming years, as tens of thousands of zero emission electric vehicles are prepared to hit the roads of the United Kingdom.
It has been predicted that slowly over time, the days when a motorist only required a bare slab of tarmac or concrete to park up are ending. In the not too distant future there will be an increasing numbers of drivers who will be demanding curbsides equipped with glowing posts […]

Cheaper Car Insurance for Women Ruled as Discrimination by ECJ

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has completely changed the car insurance industry today by banning risk assessment based on gender. In the past, women have been given cheaper insurance quotes than men because they are seen as less of a risk on the road and less likely to claim.
However, after this practice was brought to light and contested by the Belgian consumer group Test-Achats, the ECJ have banned the use of gender as risk assessment criteria for motor insurance quotes. After the ruling, the […]

Elderly Man spent three days driving around the M4

A seventy two year old man whose wife’s flight was diverted from Heathrow to Gatwick because of the chaos caused by the snow, spent three days driving around the M4 after getting lost and being unable to find his way home, it has emerged.
It is estimated that Mr Mohammed Bellazrak was disorientated and drove almost 2,000 miles during the 66-hour marathon ordeal, and all while he was just trying to make the 120 mile journey to his home in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. When he was ringing […]