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Electric SLS demonstrates what Mercedes can do

Many motoring fans will have watched the Top Gear Christmas Special this week featuring the Mercedes SLS in competition with a Ferrari and Porsche racing across the USA.
Well motoring fans of Mercedes will soon have the chance to get a motor insurance quote on the Mercedes SLS AMG E-cell.
On the outside there is very little difference to the £150,000 snorting monster that the Top Gear boys drove, except of course there is no exhaust pipe. There is no snorting noise from this electric supercar, in […]

Toyota promises new or redesigned hybrids within the next few years

This week Toyota showed off their prototype of the highly anticipated new RAV4 EV at the Los Angeles Auto Show. On the other side of the ocean, Toyota executives have made a number of intriguing new announcements about their electric vehicles.
Perhaps the most striking announcement is that they plan to release eleven new or redesigned hybrid models by 2012. Toyota currently sell eight hybrids in the USA which are split between the Toyota and Lexus nameplates, and in September they reiterated their commitment to releasing […]

New analogue radio in-car conversion kit set to be released

Drivers will soon be able to listen to digital radio in their vehicle without having to install a new stereo, after high street store Halfords launched the first-ever analogue radio conversion kit.
The kit, which will cost under £100 will go on sale Nov 8 and will enable anyone to listen to digital radio stations in their vehicle.
The government still has not set a precise date for the radio digital switchover; however, 2015 has been set as a target for at least half of consumers’ radio […]