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Will the Ampera Spark Interest in Electric Cars

Motorists looking to go green now have a new mass produced factory model to choose from as General Motors launch the Vauxhall Ampera in the UK.
The new car is certainly different to the two mass produced electric vehicles already on the market in the UK, primarily because it has a petrol engine as well as a battery pack and it is this feature that makes Vauxhall believe their new car will do better than the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Fluence ZE. In all truth […]

Cars of the Future Will Get High-Tech Interiors as Standard

Scientists working for one of the world’s leading car manufacturers are predicting massive changes for the cocoon we live in whilst driving our vehicles. They forecast the interior of cars in the future will be driven by technology and entertainment systems and in the coming years new cars will include “augmented reality” technology which will spread across your windscreen, showing the roadway lines and exits.
Designers and manufacturers are increasingly focusing on interior comfort and technology and how easily the driver can experience it. Manufacturers are […]

UK Car Industry Motoring Ahead

In what can only be described as a remarkable turn around for the British motor industry, figures released this week show that the UK exported more vehicles than it imported last year, the first time it has happened for over 35 years.
Vehicle manufacturers in the UK produced just over 400,000 units last year which resulted in 320,000 cars and vans exported to other parts of the world with a value of something in the region of £6 billion. It is estimated that import of motor […]

Leading motoring magazine goes carbon neutral

The onus on the motoring industry to be more sensitive than others towards carbon emissions has been illustrated once again this week, with the announcement that one of the UK’s leading motor magazines is planning to go carbon neutral.
What Car? magazine is well known throughout the UK and its road tests on new models has influenced many motorists on deciding exactly which vehicle they go out and get a motor insurance quote for. The magazine announced yesterday that it is teaming up with Carbon Neutral […]

GMP determined to keep the city centre safe

Police in Manchester have confirmed that they used number plate spotting technology to keep known criminals away from Manchester for three days after the riots. Police Officers were stationed at key routes on the cusp of the city limits checking registration plates against a number of national databases.
Known criminals who were caught trying to get to the city centre were intercepted and ordered to turn around. On Wednesday evening, fifty cars were stopped from entering the city by officers who were determined to keep the […]

New battery for electric cars will cost almost as much as the vehicle

The current drive to try and get more drivers to get motor insurance quotes for an electric vehicle has had a worrying setback after it has been revealed that a new replacement battery could cost the owner a whooping £19,000.
A lithium ion battery is made up of 48 modules which would each cost £404 to replace. It is this type of battery that powers the world’s best-selling electric car, the Nissan Leaf. If the entire 48 modules all need replacing at the same time it […]

Electric F1 to be seriously considered

There will be more and more drivers asking for a motor insurance quote for an electric vehicle in the next few years and now the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) look set to work together with the European Commission and create a brand new racing series specifically for electric cars, in an effort to raise worldwide public awareness of the new technology vehicles.
According to a report FIA president Jean Todt has already set up an EV commission which will be fronted by the former BMW […]

New MG6 saloon car unveiled by MG Motor UK

MG has revealed the launch date for its MG6 hatchback, their first all new car for 15 years. The car will go on sale in the United Kingdom from late May with the saloon version following two months later.
The Chinese owners at Longbridge have taken the wraps off the new car as the rebirth of the Birmingham car factory starts. Shanghai Automotive also revealed that the new five-seater MG6 will be priced between £17,000 and £20,000 and they say this will give the car a […]

Electric motorists in Oxford can refuel for free

A network of electric car charging points have been installed in eleven car parks throughout Oxford which allow green drivers to recharge for free.
Users of electric vehicles can now plug into the twenty recharging points in city centre and park and ride car parks. The network will also be linked to a “sister” network in Milton Keynes and motorists will be able to charge vehicles at either location. Green campaigners have welcomed the move and they support any initiative that makes electric car driving more […]

Councils asked to facilitate the use of Plug-in points

At long last the Government is waking up to the fact that electric cars have captured the imagination of the public.
In a move that will incontrovertibly lead to more motor insurance quotes on electric vehicles, Central Government has sent the message out to local councils that electric cars should be catered for in new development sites.
The message to local councils is that plug-in points for the new generation of cars are essential if the new technology is to be expanded. Whitehall is asking local authorities […]