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Honda to create new jobs in order to meet production demands

Honda has started the mass production of its new Civic at its Swindon car plant. Normal production has resumed and Honda are also delighted to announce that five-hundred new jobs will be created in order for them to meet the predicted increase in drivers buying a new car next year.
The production of the new Civic model was delayed following the impact of the flooding in and around Honda’s factories in Thailand. The production was again affected by a parts shortage that was caused by the […]

Small drivers struggling to put their foot down

BMW have just recruited eight-hundred volunteers for a study to see how obesity affects mobility while driving. The volunteers took part in a number of tests to examine factors such as getting in and out of vehicles and looking over their shoulder when reversing.
Car manufactures are always thinking about the next generation of vehicles, which must not only fit the roads and parking bays, but must also provide space for the increasing size of the drivers. However, this is not good news for smaller drivers […]

Drivers urged not to over pack vehicles for Easter getaway

Families planning to get away for Easter this year have been warned they could face problems if they overload their cars, because the roads are pitted with a record number of potholes.
Research reveals that thousands of motorists will be compromising the safety of passengers by overloading their vehicle this Easter. Breakdown services predict a huge increase in both accidents and breakdowns as around nearly 7 million holiday makers head off for a break around the United Kingdom. One in ten families will pack their cars […]

Electric F1 to be seriously considered

There will be more and more drivers asking for a motor insurance quote for an electric vehicle in the next few years and now the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) look set to work together with the European Commission and create a brand new racing series specifically for electric cars, in an effort to raise worldwide public awareness of the new technology vehicles.
According to a report FIA president Jean Todt has already set up an EV commission which will be fronted by the former BMW […]

Survey reveals tailgaters as the most dangerous drivers

A survey carried out by a leading road safety group has revealed UK motorist’s top ten dislikes in other driver’s behaviour.
The survey by GEM asked drivers to list the most dangerous habits of other drivers they see on the motorway, and the answers were enough to convince any driver that a motor insurance quote should always be as comprehensive as they can afford.
70% of those asked said the most dangerous example of bad driving on a motorway involved a driver tailgating the car in front. […]

Shake up will force drivers off streets

Plans have been approved for a major shake up of parking in and around Middleton town centre.
Under the new scheme most of the streets surrounding the Greater Manchester town will now have resident only parking schemes introduced, where residents will be issued with a parking permit. The Rochdale Council run car parks and Middleton Shopping Centre would have a new standard charge for parking introduced which will guarantee parking charges don’t exceed £2. Both Council and residents are hopeful that the new measures will stop […]

Lower insurance for young drivers a possibility

Any young driver who has a new smartbox installed in their cars will be eligible for an insurance discount of over £300 providing they are sensible on the road.
Under the scheme, which has just launched, drivers who are aged between 17 and 25 will have their motoring skills monitored by a small box which is fitted to their car. They will be rewarded with lower insurance premiums by simply adhering to a number of different criteria set out, which include not driving at so called […]

Driver demands bus stop is moved

A driver who claims his car has been damaged by passing buses on a number of occasions is demanding compensation to cover the costs of repairs. Alistair Rae parks his Mazda outside his home which is very close to a bus stop.
Mr Rae, 62, and the father-in-law of singer Corinne Bailey Rae, claims he has had to remove paint and scratch marks from his car caused by buses from the local bus company passing too close to his vehicle. He is worried that an incident […]

End of the line for last of the British cars!

One of the most famous names in UK motor manufacturing seems set to disappear forever, as the current financial situation hits more and more firms throughout the UK.
Bristol Cars, the famous car manufacturer whose motor cars embodied the stereotypical British standards of excellence without ostentation, look to be finally disappearing from the scene as administrators have been called in. The news will come as a blow to recent purchasers of the famous marque such as Bono and Richard Branson.
The company is the last motor manufacturer […]

British Gas are chosen to install home charging points for Nissan Leaf customers

British Gas has been picked as the preferred supplier of Electric Vehicle recharging points for the Nissan Leaf, which will make its first United Kingdom deliveries later this month.
A deal between one of the UK’s energy giants and the Japanese car maker means that British Gas will now both supply and install electric car charging points in homes and businesses throughout the country. Nissan hope this will help with the uptake of the Leaf which has been named as the United Kingdom’s first affordable, mass […]