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Another British Car Boom?

Over the last few decades we have seen a massive move in production out of Europe and towards countries like India and in the Far East where production costs are cheaper and labour is much easier to come by. Years ago, almost all cars that were exported from these countries went to the UK, Germany and the USA; more often than not the places where they were designed in the first place.

Demand for large vehicles increases in Chinese car market

The Chinese car market is one of the most prolific in the whole world right now, which is why so many car manufacturers are trying to appeal to the Chinese public and benefit from the expanding market. Compact and eco-friendly cars used to be the most popular type of vehicle in China, especially as the country is so keen to reduce its pollution and carbon emissions, which is why it’s surprising that it’s been revealed that SUVs are now becoming increasingly sought after in […]

Honda builds new track to test cars for UK

Potholes are becoming such a large problem in the UK that nearly every road has one, meaning that more and more cars are being damaged each year. This has led to car insurance companies becoming concerned that they will eventually have to increase premiums for drivers who live in areas that are the worse affected, as the likelihood of them claiming on their policy is extremely high. Many motorists have therefore criticised their local councils and the Highways Agency for not fixing the […]

New Bentley may be built in Bratislava

There has been shock and criticisms throughout the car manufacturing industry today as Bentley revealed that they may be producing one of their new models in Bratislava in Slovakia. If the plans go ahead then this will be the first time a mass produced Bentley model has ever been manufactured outside of the UK, meaning that the iconic plate on every model will no longer be allowed to read “Made in Crewe, England.”
The new model is the first sports utility vehicle (SUV) made by […]

UK Car Sales up by over Ten Percent

Car sales have increased in the UK by 11.3% in the past twelve months (November to November), making it the only European country that has seen a positive change to the market. This news has defied economic data that has suggested that the UK could fall into a triple dip recession early next year.
Figures supplied by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (the ACEA) have shown that the demand for new cars has fallen for the fourteenth consecutive month in the European Union, with a […]

Coventry’s car sector hit with triple whammy

As economic forecasters predict the UK will officially exit recession this week, the motor industry in the city of Coventry has been dealt a series of major blows in the past few days including the cancellation of a new project, a manufacturer going out of business and a leading accessories producer calling in the administrators.
The bad news for employment prospects in the Coventry motor sector began with Manganese Bronze, the owners of LTI, the London taxi cab producers, calling in the administrators. They said the […]

UK Motor Manufacturers Enjoy Pride of Place in Motorist’s Affections

At a time when the whole of the UK prepares to immerse itself in a bout of national fervour, it appears that UK motorists have been proudly flying the flag by buying British manufactured cars in their thousands.
All over Britain people are getting ready to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and use it as a chance to express their national pride, however, statistics gleaned from the motoring website Autocar suggests we have been doing that when buying a car for some time now. A survey conducted […]

UK Car Industry Motoring Ahead

In what can only be described as a remarkable turn around for the British motor industry, figures released this week show that the UK exported more vehicles than it imported last year, the first time it has happened for over 35 years.
Vehicle manufacturers in the UK produced just over 400,000 units last year which resulted in 320,000 cars and vans exported to other parts of the world with a value of something in the region of £6 billion. It is estimated that import of motor […]

Yet another Vehicle Recall for UK motorists

Following on from call back notices from many major motor manufacturers, BMW owners are the latest set of UK motorists to find their vehicles the subject of a manufacturer’s recall this week, with the Series 5 and 6 models of the cars affected.
A spokesman for the German car makers said it expected to be in touch with over 100,000 British BMW owners in the next few weeks, giving them instructions on when and where they should take their vehicles to get a battery problem sorted […]

Leading motoring magazine goes carbon neutral

The onus on the motoring industry to be more sensitive than others towards carbon emissions has been illustrated once again this week, with the announcement that one of the UK’s leading motor magazines is planning to go carbon neutral.
What Car? magazine is well known throughout the UK and its road tests on new models has influenced many motorists on deciding exactly which vehicle they go out and get a motor insurance quote for. The magazine announced yesterday that it is teaming up with Carbon Neutral […]