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General Motors to buy Shares back from US Treasury

General Motors is planning on buying back two hundred million shares of its stock from the US Treasury, which is going to cost the company over five billion dollars. The US Treasury is planning on selling the remaining three hundred million stocks on the open market over the next twelve to fifteen months, however it is expected that they will make a loss.
In 2008 and 2009 the US Treasury bailed out GM in order to stabilise and restructure the company during a time of […]

More Customers are Buying cars with Higher Mileages

Fleet News has reported that there has been an increase in people that are happy to buy second hand cars with higher mileages; however buyers are also looking to sellers to provide reassurances in the form of after-sales products. RAC Warranty have claimed that the high price of cars is leading to potential buyers becoming inclined to buy cheaper vehicles with more mileage, but it is also leading them to demand ‘safety nets’ for their new vehicles, such as warranties or MOT insurance so […]