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Government Plans Tough New Rules to Prevent False Whiplash Claims

The Government are planning tough new rules in order to combat the problem of false or exaggerated whiplash claims. It has been reported today by the Association of British Insurers that these claims increase the cost of car insurance for each person by almost ninety pounds a year. Their spokesman, Malcolm Tarling has stated that claiming whiplash after an accident is “the fraud of choice for too many people. There’s something like 1,500 claims being made for whiplash. While some are […]

Insurance Companies Issue Advice on Winter Flooding

In the past month The Environment Agency have issued over two hundred flood warnings across the UK. So far, over eight hundred houses have been affected and councils have been forced to close roads across the Midlands and the South East. The vast majority of motor insurance companies are now issuing information on how to prevent flood damage to your motor vehicle, and also advising their clients what to do if they are affected.
Obviously, the most ideal situation for all motor vehicle owners […]

Surround a Town operation nets hundreds of wayward drivers

The combined efforts of Essex Police Force, Trading Standards Officers and officials from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) put the drivers of Clacton- on –Sea under scrutiny this week and unfortunately not everyone passed!
Operation Surround a Town came to Clacton on Wednesday as part of Essex County Council’s long running No Excuse campaign directed at errant motorists. The campaign’s aim is to let motorists know that offences like driving without a seatbelt, speaking on a hand held device and speeding can all impact […]

Crash proof vehicles could be here in just eight years

Car giant Volvo is developing what they have called ‘no death’ cars that will drive themselves and will be impossible to crash. They promise the vehicles will be in showrooms throughout the world by 2020.
The computerised vehicles will be fitted with high-tech sensors which will mean the vehicle will refuse to be steered into other objects. Volvo say despite the finished article being 8 years away, some of the life-saving technology will be incorporated into its vehicles from the start of 2014 and their long […]

Insurance companies already counting the cost of a hard winter

Motor insurance companies are bracing themselves for a long hard winter as meteorological experts forecast the UK could be in for its coldest winter for 100 years.
Already home insurance and car insurance providers have experienced busier periods than usual because of the wild wet weather that has hit many parts of the UK in the last fortnight, but things could get altogether worse if weather experts predicting a harsh winter are proved to be correct. The past week has seen motorists in the South West, […]

Historical value of buildings associated with the car industry recognised at last

In a move that will delight motor enthusiasts all over the UK, the Government and English Heritage have come together to acknowledge the classic buildings behind the classic era of cars and have given 13 buildings Grade II listed status.
The buildings range from architectural design right on the cusp of the modern age back to buildings of the 19th Century and the early days of motoring when a car insurance quote had never even been thought of. They include Sir David Salomons garages in […]

Motorists will foot the bill for pothole repairs

The condition of UK roads is getting worse and motorists will have to dig deep into their pockets to rectify it. That was the message emanating from a report collated by the Local Government Association (LGA) who represent the councils that have the job of maintaining our roads.
It is no secret that more and more motorists are submitting car insurance claims for damage done to their vehicles by the poor condition of the roads they are driving on. And despite LGA claims that local councils […]

Single carriageway roads turning out to be the real killers

Latest Government figures show that the UK’s most dangerous roads remain single carriageway “A” roads.
There is no doubt that the increase in deaths and serious injuries on UK roads in 2011 has come as a major blow for road safety organisations as well as the Government, and the country’s most dangerous roads in 2011 have figured highly in previous years. There is a noticeable lack of motorways on the list and very few dual carriageways feature as highly dangerous also.
The bare facts suggest travelling on […]

Under age drivers serve their ban before they are 17

A well known motoring magazine has exposed the scandal of Britain’s young drivers and managed to embarrass the Government at the same time.
At a time when everyone in the motor industry is trying to find ways of cutting the number of motorists driving without motor insurance a Freedom of Information (FoI) request by motoring magazine Auto Express has revealed an amazing number of children have already been banned from driving well before their 17th birthday.
According to the FoI request obtained from the DVLA, over 5,000 […]

Survey shows car rental becoming an attractive proposition

The recession is still hitting UK motorists hard and a recent survey shows that drivers are turning to rental schemes in a bid to cut down motoring costs.
The report carried out on behalf of Enterprise Rent-A-Car found that motorists are still concerned about the cost of motor insurance and fuel primarily, but feel they are being overwhelmed by other ancillary costs. With 10% of the 2000 surveyed saying they have downsized to a smaller engine, 65% admitting the economic situation has made them change their […]