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Silent cars set be be fitted with artifical noise enhancers

A vote yesterday by the European Parliament is set to lead to the new rules coming into force by the end of next year regarding electric and hybrid cars being fitted with artificial noise.
Campaign groups including Guide Dogs for the Blind have long been fighting for the current laws to change, highlighting the danger posed to pedestrians from cars that run almost silent at low speed.
TRL, formerly the Government’s Transport Research Laboratory, found that, taking into account the number of vehicles on the road, the […]

Mr Bean’s car insurance premiums soar after crashing McLaren F1 Supercar

Rowan Atkinson is generally known for his accident prone alter ego Mr Bean, however it seems that the character may be more true to life than we all originally thought, especially after Atkinson crashed his McLaren F1 supercar back in August 2011. It sounds like something out of a Mr Bean script, but Atkinson really did manage to buy and destroy one of the most expensive cars in the world. The car is one of only sixty four models only made, and it […]

Fraudster convicted of selling Six Hundred fake Car Insurance policies

Car insurance providers are monitored extremely carefully by a variety of governing bodies, which means that customers can be safe in the knowledge that they and their vehicles are protected should they be involved in an accident. Most members of the public search around for their car insurance before buying in order to make sure that they get the best price and a suitable policy, however six hundred people were duped by a fraudster in London recently who sold them car insurance that was […]

Men cost Car Insurance providers more than Women

Women will soon find that their car insurance premiums will increase due to the fact that the EU has passed legislation stating that car insurance companies are no longer allowed to base quotes on a persons’ gender. However, Diamond car insurance has recently undertaken a study of four hundred thousand car accident claims and found that men actually do cost car insurance providers more than women, meaning that women could be insured for a cheaper amount.
The study found that generally men are more likely […]

Snow causes over three million pounds worth of Car Insurance claims

Last Thursday we were all advised that the upcoming snowfall across the UK would cause major disruptions to the roads and public transport. The predicted snow fall was to be so heavy that The Highways Agency even advised motorists to avoid driving in some parts of the country unless it was absolutely necessary. Now that the worst of the snow has passed we can see the after effects, especially when it comes to drivers who experienced accidents whilst out on the road.
The AA […]

Car Insurance prices lower for Women that are Married

In December the EU passed the Gender Directive which means that car insurance providers are no longer allowed to give women lower insurance premiums just because of their gender. Many women will therefore find that when they come to renew their car insurance that their premiums have gone up – some more than others. In a report today it has been shown that women who are married and have their partner on their insurance policies are now actually paying less than their single […]

‘Smartboxes’ to help Drivers lower the cost of their Car Insurance

There has been a myriad of reports in the news recently about how car insurance prices are soon to increase due to the changes in EU legislation meaning that car insurance companies can no longer provide cheaper quotes due to a person’s gender. Also, due to changes in the way compensation to those that are hurt in car accidents is paid car insurance prices are also going to rise this year. Previously, those injured in car accidents were paid in one lump sum, […]

Car insurers worried about Government flood deal

It has been all over the news in the past few months – 2012 was the second wettest year in Britain since records began, and the consequences have been all too apparent. Flooding has occurred throughout the UK, causing damage to many cars and homes, leading to many people having to claim on their insurance. Currently, car insurance providers offer universal flood insurance at reasonable rates even to those that live in flood-affected areas, as long as the government invests in flood defences.
However, […]

Car Insurance premiums for Young Drivers set to Rise

A few weeks ago it was reported that young female drivers are soon to see their car insurance premiums increase due to the fact that the European Union ruled that car insurance providers were no longer allowed to base their quotes depending on gender. However, it now seems that young drivers in general are soon to be struck by increased car insurance prices due to the fact that the way compensation is paid to those involved in a car accidents is changing.
Previously, those […]

Women’s Car Insurance Payments set to Rise

As of this Friday an EU ruling on gender comes into force meaning that insurance companies will no longer be allowed to vary premiums according to a customer’s sex. This may mean that women that have taken out car insurance could find themselves paying up to five hundred pounds more per year. Furthermore, the insurance industry has predicted that car insurance prices for young women will rise by up to twenty five per cent, and prices for older female drivers could rise by […]