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Yobs make sure that it will not be a happy New Year for drivers

Residents of Leigh Road in Penhill are furious after thirty of them had their vehicles damaged by a group of vandals overnight. The police have said the damage, which will run into thousands of pounds, was a deliberate act of vandalism.
All of the vehicles had deep scratches along both sides and also on the bonnet. The police say the scratches were caused by either a knife or a ring and they are appealing to residents with CCTV security cameras to inspect their footage for anything […]

Man who made a fortune from cash for crashes will face a jail term

The boss of a Bolton based legal claims firm who worked with a team of conmen to fraudulently make thousands of pounds in staged “crash for cash” accidents has appeared in court. Asif Mallu pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud and was told by the judge he faces jail.
Mr Mallu admitted conspiring with more than ten bogus claimants and was responsible for over ninety staged car crashes throughout the North West. Mr Mallu ran the Bolton based company 24/7 Direct Claims, which earned large fees […]

Help at hand for motoring offenders

Drivers who want to fight a motoring conviction will have a new ally in the future as a website complete with “virtual lawyers” has been created to help them clear their name.
At a time when motoring costs are at their highest many drivers find their car insurance raises astronomically if they have driving convictions on their licence. Affording legal advice and representation to question a conviction is known to be expensive and only used by the rich and famous. Well that may no longer be […]

Running a vehicle is getting no cheaper

Research carried out by a leading motoring group shows that motorists are not just being hit by soaring fuel prices; they have also seen a rapid increase in the cost of premiums on a motor insurance quote, higher garage repair fees and a fall in the resale value of their vehicles.
This all means that drivers are now paying 14% more than they did a year ago to run their vehicle. And the huge increase is almost three times the rate of inflation. The RAC figures […]

GMP determined to keep the city centre safe

Police in Manchester have confirmed that they used number plate spotting technology to keep known criminals away from Manchester for three days after the riots. Police Officers were stationed at key routes on the cusp of the city limits checking registration plates against a number of national databases.
Known criminals who were caught trying to get to the city centre were intercepted and ordered to turn around. On Wednesday evening, fifty cars were stopped from entering the city by officers who were determined to keep the […]

Safety partnership to help drivers protect their vehicles

Basildon Community Safety Partnership is handing out over 2000 kits which will hopefully help drivers reduce the chances of a break-in to their vehicle. The free packs include four items which have been designed to help motorists do their bit in the never ending war on car thefts and at the same time bring premiums down on motor insurance quotes for drivers in the area.
The Safety Partnership is made up of the council, police, and other organisations who are working hard to cut crime on […]

Hospital staff furious after vehicles are vandalised

Staff working at the Western General Hospital in Scotland are furious after vandals caused damage to a number of cars while their owners were busy tending the sick. The damage comes as residents who live close to the hospital have complained that staff are parking on their streets.
Residents are angry that staff are taking their parking places outside their homes and in some cases they are blocking drive-ways making it impossible to get in or out. Hospital workers claim they are being prevented from parking […]

Drunk nine year old caught driving a stolen car

A boy aged just nine was apprehended in Cumbria this week for driving offences. The boy, who is too young to be prosecuted by the police for a criminal offence, was arrested in Cumbria for being drunk behind the wheel. The shocking fact is that the boy is only one of hundreds of underage drivers who commit offences on the roads of the UK every week.
He was breathalysed at the scene and when he failed the test was then taken to the police station where […]

Police make fifteen arrests in connection with vehicle thefts

Greater Manchester Police have made fifteen arrests following an investigation into the sale of stolen cars through vehicle trading websites. The cars were sold to innocent buyers, sometimes within hours of being stolen.
The police targeted twenty five addresses in Rochdale and Tameside and arrested seven men and eight women aged between 25 and 40 on suspicion of conspiracy to steal, conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to launder the money made from the thefts. They remain in custody for questioning after the police were granted […]

Residents angry after homes and cars hit in crime spree

A rash of overnight criminal activity in one Weymouth street has left a number of angry residents out of pocket. Vandals left a trail of destruction in Canberra Road as they damaged wing mirrors on a number of vehicles, while another resident woke up and found his motorbike had not just been stolen; they had set it on fire nearby.
Colin Harmer woke to find the wing mirror on his Nissan Note hanging off only days after vandals had smashed the back window of his car. […]