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Charity calls for Ban on Hands-Free Phones

If you are caught using your mobile for calling or texting while behind the wheel you can be fined up to one hundred pounds and will receive points on your licence. This is one of the reasons that so many drivers choose to use hands-free kits while on the road, however you can still be penalised for dangerous driving should a police officer believe it is distracting you
Since the introduction of the hands-free kit there has been an ongoing debate as to whether they […]

Police begin crackdown on summer drink driving

Christmas is one of the busiest times for police, mainly as they are aware that some people will try to bend the rules and drink more than they should before getting behind the wheel. However, according to police reports, during the summer month’s drivers are also more likely to drive over the limit, especially young people or those that drink during the warm summer days. According to police, many don’t realise that even one drink can put you over the legal driving limit, […]

Government introduces new traffic court for motorists

Motorists who are caught speeding, have twelve points on their licence, are caught driving without car insurance or jump red lights will now be sent to a new traffic court that the government are creating so that the cases can be dealt with quicker and the magistrates courts can be freed up to deal with other cases. According to the Ministry of Justice almost half a million people have to go to a magistrates court each year for driving offences, which means that cases […]

Over 15,000 illegal vehicles being driven on UK Roads

The other week we reported how a BBC investigation revealed that fake full UK driving licences were being provided to drivers from non-EU countries where the driving standards are not as tightly monitored as in the UK, meaning that the drivers would be unqualified to drive on British roads. Due to this revelation, Transport Minister Stephen Hammond has changed the rules so that drivers from non-EU countries must now provide documentation proving they have passed a driving test of the same standard as on in […]

Football fans joy shortlived

Thieves caused damage to fifteen cars at Chester FC’s Exacta Stadium while the owners watched their team play away from home. Valuables worth hundreds of pounds were taken from the cars that were left by fans who boarded a coach to Ellesmere Port.
The owners were all shocked to return and find their car windows smashed and items taken, including four sat-navs, three iPods and three netbooks. Motor insurance firms were contacted by the unlucky owners and police are now investigating the thefts by examining CCTV […]

Clampdown on Second-Hand Vehicles for Sale on the Roadside

Trading standards officers in Bristol are working with the police in an effort to target the areas where vehicles are regularly being advertised for sale on the side of the road. The crackdown comes after a large number of complaints from residents who are fed-up with the cars being sold illegally from the roadside.
The team have been quick to get into action and have already traced car owners selling this way and asked them to cease their actions. In cases where the owners could not […]

Research Warns of the Dangers of Buying a Used Car Privately

Anyone buying a used car is being urged to check the vehicle carefully before handing over any money, after a recent investigation showed that almost 90% examined had a shady past. The hidden history of the cars being sold privately includes vehicles listed as stolen or with unpaid loans still owed by a previous owner. There were also undisclosed number plates, colour changes, and large mileage anomalies.
The data investigation firm is shocked that so many of the hundreds of thousands of vehicles they checked in […]

Car Owners Given Fines Despite Their Vehicle Not Leaving the Driveway

Over 125,000 car owners have each been given a £100 fine for failing to take out car insurance on their vehicle or declaring it as off-road. The £12million of penalties comes after changes to the rules introduced last June which demanded all drivers either insure their car or officially state it is not being driven on any road.
Around 320,000 warning letters were sent out to alert individuals to the fact that they were breaking the law. The new rules are known as “continuous insurance enforcement” […]

Worcester Wardens On The Ball

Research has shown that parking wardens in Worcester are among the most prolific in the United Kingdom having handed out close to 2,000 tickets each in just twelve months. The figures are based on eleven parking wardens with the average coming out at 1,944 tickets each during 2011.
The city’s wardens are the third most prolific in the UK with only Liverpool and Coventry wardens handing out more tickets. However, motorists in the city could be in for a shock as the local council have […]

Car Thieves Cashing in on DVLA Loophole

A DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) loophole means that vehicles can be scrapped without any proof of ownership being provided, leaving the process wide open to fraud. Anyone can claim a vehicle is theirs, contact a dismantling company, arrange for it to be collected and then receive cash for the scrap value of the vehicle.
Currently there is no need for any paperwork, such as a V5 registration document, and given the increase in the price of scrap metal, it is little wonder that more […]