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RAC launches new device to warn drivers of car faults

Breaking down is never welcomed, which is why drivers generally make sure that their cars are well maintained and have an adequate amount of petrol before setting off on their journeys. However, there are some things you will not be able to accommodate for unless you are a mechanic – such as the battery draining or other more technical faults with your car. Generally these problems come as a nasty surprise, which is why most people try and include breakdown cover when they […]

Cold weather brings increase in insurance claims

Insurance companies have reported a huge increase in weather related motor insurance claims. This will lead to many motorists losing their no claims bonus and an increase in premiums on their next motor insurance quote.
Motor insurance companies have reported a 21% increase in car insurance claims in Scotland alone, almost 50% of these are related to the snow and ice. By far the most common weather related incidents are collisions while in moving traffic. With a lot of these involving back-end collisions at roundabouts and […]

European cover should not be overlooked

This summer, three out of every ten families will steer clear of busy airports and are choosing instead to drive to the Continent. But, with the average cost of a car breaking down being £1,000, it would be silly not to take out cover. A motor insurance quote will now offer European cover as an extra which gives the driver protection should the worst happen. It is important that the car’s insurance company are informed that the car will be in Europe; otherwise if the […]