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Police take tough stance on anti-social drivers

A Scottish police force are assuring members of the public that they will not allow anti-social motorists to ruin the lives of law abiding citizens, as they crack down on rogue drivers. Forfar Community Council was given an update on the policing issues regarding anti-social driving during their latest meeting, where the local police force revealed they had seized 32 vehicles as part of the ongoing operation.
The behaviour of some motorists in one local area is constantly raised at community council meetings, with the antics […]

Crackdown on noisy exhausts

It is a sound that makes a lot of people very annoyed, and in Wales both the originator of the noise, and the complaints about it is on the increase. It is of course the sound of a modified exhaust fitted to a car.
The exhaust makes a vehicle constantly sound as if it is racing along at 70 mph when in truth it is only travelling at 30 mph. Complaints have been rising to a point where the police now consider it an anti-social act. […]

End of the road for boy racers?

During a driving test, braking suddenly for no reason, revving the engine and even wasting fuel by pushing down on the accelerator pedal may well prove to be a costly error. This is because of EU bureaucrats who want to include “eco-driving” officially in the practical side of the driving test. The plans if successful would consign the “boy racer” driver to history and were unveiled this week by Siim Kallas, who is the European Unions Transport Commissioner and who hopes the plans will form […]