Sports Car Insurance

Few motorists get more enjoyment out of their motoring than sports car enthusiasts. Whether it is a modern day turbo, a classic jaguar from the 1960’s, or a custom built two seater, sports car enthusiasts love their cars.

Once you understand that insurance company’s base the price of their premiums on the risk factor that you and your beloved sports car pose to the general public you will begin to accept that your sports car insurance will not be cheap.

Sports cars are high performance vehicles, they are designed to go fast and the components they are manufactured from are expensive in the first place and costly to replace. A gleaming sports car with its high speed and high value is also very attractive to a car thief. Little wonder then that your pride and joy will be in one of the highest insurance categories and as such will attract high insurance premiums.

How can I bring my premium cost down?

Good sports car insurance will include certain special elements of cover. Agreed value, whereby, you come to an agreement with the insurer over an actual value to be placed out on the car. Always look for a mileage agreement as well. There is little point in insuring the car for doing 10,000 miles when in effect you will only be rolling it out to go to Classic Car Conventions a few times each year. And speaking of Classic Cars, if you are enrolled as a member of something akin to a Classic Car Club you may well get a discount on your policy. Opting for a larger than usual voluntary excess amount will also bring the premium down, as will ensuring there are no named drivers under the age of 25.

MotorQuoteDirect is as keen about motoring as you and is also keen to provide sports car insurance at the best possible price. Through our website search engine we search the many specialist sports car insurers to ensure that the policy quote we get for you is the best around. If you would prefer speaking to someone over the phone then our friendly customer care team will assist you in any way they can.

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