Performance Car Insurance

Anyone who is looking to buy a high performance car should be prepared to pay more than average for their car insurance. Here at MotorQuoteDirect we are committed to finding you the lowest, most competitive quote possible.

Performance car insurance is more expensive because high performance cars have a greater rate of acceleration and a higher top speed than standard cars and quite often have been modified both cosmetically and mechanically. Combining all these factors explains why a high performance car will mainly be in one of the higher insurance groups and so will cost more.

Another reason for high performance cars being more expensive to insure is because it can be argued that some of the modifications can have an adverse affect on handling. MotorQuoteDirect suggests that because of this, taking an advanced driving course may be one way of bringing your premiums down. A performance car is statistically much more likely to be involved in an accident and will cost a lot more to repair simply because the parts are more expensive.

Anyone looking to insure a high performance car should remember that there is a difference between a “sports” high performance car and “modified” high performance car, the latter often proving more expensive to insure. It is also worth remembering that a car will be classified as a high performance if it has been kit built, is a prestige car or has a very powerful engine.

A little research before the car is even bought will tell you if parts will be hard to get hold of (this is more of a problem for imported cars) and if any repairs are going to be expensive and time consuming because these are both things that could push up the price of a performance car insurance premium.

High performance cars are always going to be the sort of vehicle that will turn heads and get noticed, so it is very important to make sure that the car has the highest level of security possible. Keeping it in a locked garage will help bring the insurance quote down, and so will having an insurer approved tracking device.

MotorQuoteDirect have a vast knowledge and history of insuring performance cars as well as claims experience. Visit our website and let us find the best policy at the best price for your performance car.

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