Student Car Insurance

Although moves are afoot to make the lowest age a driver can take their test to 18, at the moment the minimum legal age for driving in the UK is 17.

This means that many new drivers are students, and there is no doubt that the young inquisitive mind is suited to picking up new skills. Unfortunately insurance companies in general are more impressed with experience than skill and so if a students lot was not bad enough already then the bad news is that student car insurance can be expensive.

Lucky for you then, that you have visited MotorQuoteDirect.

First of all we should make it clear we realise that not every student is in their teens and has very little spare cash. We at MotorQuoteDirect are determined to provide the very best deal we can for each and every one of our customers irrespective of their personal situation. In any case the following information should come in handy for students of all ages.

The following tips could help lower a quote for Student Car Insurance.

First of all, only purchase the cover you require, there is no point in getting comprehensive insurance on a car that is not worth very much. You will find you are paying far too much for the cover, in relation to the value of the car. If you paid less than a £1000 for the car then take out a third party insurance with some extra options that will safeguard your valuables inside the car, for instance add fire and theft to the policy.

Consider your mileage, the fewer miles you drive in your car then the cheaper the insurance will be and even more importantly think about your car’s security. This can have a big impact on your policy price. If you have a security device and can lock the car in a garage at night then you will definitely see your policy come in cheaper.

When taking out student car insurance it is worth remembering that affiliation to some student bodies will qualify you for a student car insurance discount, good news there then at least.

As a student it is important to shop around for bargains and we at MotorQuoteDirect realise insurance is no different. Our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just pop your details into our easy to complete web form and sit back while our search engine scours the internet for insurance providers who can deliver the best deal for you.

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