Named Driver Car Insurance

Learning to drive and then passing the Driving Test can often take quite a long time. We are all different and it is a fact that some take much longer than others to acquire the skill and/or nerve to get through the test. However, it does not really matter how long it takes nor at what age you pass, because everyone gets that same thrill when they receive their pass certificate.

After passing the test the next step is to get a car and then insure it. By law anyone driving a car must be covered by at least a third party insurance policy. At MotorQuoteDirect we treat everybody equal, we do not care if you are 18 or 70 and have been driving for 6 months or sixty years, we will always find a policy that matches your needs.

Car insurance is not cheap and for all new drivers, especially young drivers it can be particularly expensive. This is because a new driver is seen by insurance companies as being more at risk from accidents, statistics point to 20% of new drivers having an accident in their first year of driving. So is it possible for a new driver to get cheap car insurance? The simple answer is no… however, we at MotorQuoteDirect really do like to say yes and so have a couple of suggestions that can make driving quite a bit more affordable.

How to get cheaper named driver insurance

If you are thinking of taking out car insurance with a named driver included, there are two options available. Firstly you can add yourself as a named driver to the policy of a much more experienced driver. Or buy a policy yourself as the main driver and then add a more experienced motorist as a named driver to your policy.

The first option could be suitable in the short-term as a solution to obtaining affordable car insurance. It can also be useful if you have just passed your test or you don’t need to drive the car on a regular basis. The second option will cost a little bit more in the short-term but will be of greater benefit in the long term. By adding an experienced named driver to your own policy it can help to make the total cost much more affordable in the first few years of driving.

To see exactly how a named driver car insurance policy can save you money, visit the MotorQuoteDirect website. It is open 24/7 for quotes and we strive to present you with the very best deal possible by searching over 400 providers.

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