Car Insurance For Women

The question “are women drivers better than men” has been debated for years. At MotorQuoteDirect we are not concerned about who is best, as we will always do our utmost to find a competitive quote regardless of gender.

Changes to Women’s Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Women has seen a sharp rise in premiums in the last 3 years. Statistically, female drivers are far less likely to make a claim against their insurance than men, who account for over 90% of UK driving convictions and nearly all dangerous driving convictions. Therefore you would think it would be reasonable for women’s car insurance premiums to be much lower, however gender can no longer be taken into account when creating prices for insurance premiums thanks to a European ruling in early 2011. This has resulted in a rise of 30% for Women’s Car Insurance policies. With this in mind, finding the most cost effective premium is more important than ever.

When taking out insurance cover, the lower the annual mileage, the cheaper a motor insurance quote will be. Females will also tend to drive a little more cautiously than men, meaning they receive less speeding fines and endorsements which will also help with getting a competitive policy from MotorQuoteDirect.

The MotorQuoteDirect website is accessible 24 hours a day, every day, so no matter when you are looking for cheap car insurance MotorQuoteDirect will help you get behind the wheel and on the road. We understand the high cost of insuring vehicles in today’s climate, when every pound is vital, so we will always try to find the best quote for you whether it is fully comprehensive or third party. All that is required is for you to fill out our form and we will do the rest. Within minutes you will be receiving the best quotes possible from hundreds of insurance providers, all tailored specifically to your needs.

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