Car Insurance For Learner Drivers

Although many people have their first lesson in driving a car at a very young age and usually at some private location, the youngest legal age for learning to drive on the public highway in the UK is 17.

It is generally considered that the younger you start to learn to drive then the more beneficial it will be. To this end, youngsters in America can get car insurance for learner drivers from the age of 14 years and nine months, at the other end of the coin, one driving school report giving lessons to an 82 year old lady.

Do I need to buy car insurance for learner drivers?

You will not need car insurance if you are learning to drive a car by taking lessons from a registered driving school in one of their own vehicles. The company will already have arranged learner driver car insurance and the price will be factored into the cost of the lessons. However, if you are learning to drive in a private vehicle then you will need cover while practicing for your driving test!

Car Insurance for Learner Drivers is now readily available, and we at MotorQuoteDirect can make your driving lessons that much more enjoyable by finding you good insurance at a fair price. Once you have arranged your insurance you can practise in your parents, friends or partners car without exposing their insurance cover to any risk.

MotorQuoteDirect suggest taking out car insurance for learner drivers on a short term basis, possibly 1-3 months in the knowledge that the policy can be extended for periods as little as 7 days. This way learner drivers can ensure practice all the way up to the day of their test but not be saddled with insurance they have bought but no longer need once their skills have been recognised by the examiner.

Here at MotorQuoteDirect we realise that learning to drive is an expensive hobby and that learner drivers deserve a fair deal on insurance. Our website is easy to navigate and open 24/7 throughout the year. We know our easy to use search engine will steer a course on a good deal for you as it compares prices with hundreds of insurance providers. Click here for your competitive learner driver car insurance!

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