Car Insurance Market

Insurance is a relatively new concept, although types of home insurance can be traced back to London in the 17th Century, the car insurance market has only been around since the end of the Second World War in 1945.

The car insurance market basically offers three distinct types of insurance; Property covers i.e. a policy that pays out when the car is damaged or stolen. Medical cover, i.e. a policy that covers the cost of hospitalisation or injury due to a car accident, this will also cover loss of wages and in the worst scenario the cost of a funeral. Liability cover, i.e. a policy that covers you for any legal responsibility in respect of injury or damage to another person. MotorQuoteDirect can offer you cheap car insurance on all of these types of cover.

The car insurance market today is vastly different to what it was even a generation ago. Today companies such as MotorQuoteDirect can offer customers looking for cheap car insurance a facility second to none.

40 years ago car drivers would arrange their insurance on a visit to the local town centre where an insurance broker would generally give them a price for the insurance policy and the poor car owner would have little option but to accept it as choice was very limited. If he was lucky the insurance company would collect the monthly fee from his home, if he wasn’t so lucky he had to make a trip every month into town to pay his instalment. Then companies like MotorQuoteDirect appeared on the market.

Today there are hundreds of insurance providers in the UK and the great news is that your visit to MotorQuoteDirect today means your search for cheap insurance is over. All you need do now is visit our simple to navigate website, fill out our easy quotation form and let us do the rest. MotorQuoteDirect’s search engine will visit those hundreds of insurers and get a tailor made quote for you from each and every one.

There will be no need for you to go to the market; MotorQuoteDirect will bring the car insurance market to you.

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