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If you use your vehicle for business purposes then you require a different type of insurance as opposed to traditional car insurance. If this is the case, you need business car insurance and here at MotorQuoteDirect provide you with some of the most competitive quotes in the market.

If you are using your vehicle for business purposes e.g. travelling many miles each week for client meetings and visiting numerous different offices each week, you will definitely need business car insurance. It usually works out to be slightly more expensive than regular car insurance however it is essential that you get the right cover to suit your needs.

The reason business car insurance is slightly more expensive is because drivers are usually covering more miles, sometimes in heavy traffic, and can be travelling on more unfamiliar roads than the standard driver, therefore making them a slightly higher risk to insure.

Here at MotorQuoteDirect our partners offer bespoke quotes which means that you won’t be under or over paying for your policy. Other benefits of getting your policy through MotorQuoteDirect include:

  • Receive a range of quotes in minutes
  • Compare quotes to find the best deals
  • Fill out one simple online form

Business Car Insurance Quotes

There are different levels of business car insurance but it is essential that if the vehicle you use for business purposes is the same vehicle you use for domestic and social use, the policy includes this.

Here at MotorQuoteDirect our partners always strive to give you the best policy in terms of price and cover wherever possible. To find out more on car insurance and car related new stories check out our articles over on the blog!

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