Women prefer a man in a Prius than a Ferrari?


It is the stereotype that a man believes that a flash car will win over the woman of his dreams. However new research has revealed that this is not actually the case, that women prefer a man with an eco-friendly car as the perception is that they have more desirable personality traits.

Women’s Perceptions

The survey that was conducted showed that around 48% of men believed that a flashy sports car was the way to a woman’s heart as they believe it makes them more attractive when actually the women that took part in the survey labelled this stereotype as being arrogant, dangerous an self-centred. The purpose of the research was to establish if people perceived you in a certain way due to the vehicle you drive. Some of the results could influence what will be your next car!

Men’s Perceptions

While this is the perception women have of men who drive expensive cars, men attributed this characteristics to women who drive 4×4’s. From the survey it was revealed that women believe that men who drive a saloon e.g. Ford Mondeo etc are hard working and safe drivers. Also it was revealed that men who drive hatchbacks were perceived as modest.

Common Perceptions

Although a common theme among both sexes was that they attributed positive characteristic with those who drive eco-friendly vehicles such as the Nissan Prius. The perceptions of these drivers were that they were conscientious, intelligent as well as being the safest among drivers on the road.

The vehicles that turn the majority of heads in the street are in the colour black even though it is actually one of the most difficult colours to keep clean. Based on this if a man were to be looking to attract a partner based on the type of car he owns then the ideal vehicle would be a black eco-friendly car.


Motors.co.uk carried out the research and their spokesman Phil Jones said, “Our survey provided an interesting snapshot into how people perceive car drivers, with the bad boy sports car stereotype still holding true.

“The disparity between men and women suggests that the yummy mummy ‘Chelsea tractor’ stereotype might be having a similar effect on men as sports cars appear to be having on women.
“While there is no doubt that owning the Batmobile or a Back to the Future Delorean would be a conversation starter if you’re looking to meet new people, in reality the car we buy is likely to make us feel more confident rather than make other people fund us more attractive.”

What is right for you?

Of course the main reason for buying a vehicle should not be based on how the opposite sex will perceive you but the benefits of owning an eco-friendly car don’t just stop there! Not only will your vehicle be kinder to the environment it will also save you money on fuel which can be put towards your car insurance policy.


A new era has approached the automotive industry which means that soon you will have no choice but to buy a car that is slightly greener than before. Especially now that electric cars are becoming more and more popular and these changes aren’t coming from the automotive industry themselves. There is great pressure from consumers for the industry to create products that are far more efficient that before due to financial and environmental reasons.

Now not only can your vehicle be eco-friendly so can the products you use to clean it. If it has been a while since your car saw a bit of soap it can be instinctive to find the strongest cleaning product to get rid of all the grime. In actual fact it is more beneficial for our vehicle if you use the least toxic products on the market. This is because some of the stronger products could damage the interior of your vehicle so the fewer toxins and the more natural the products you use the better it is for your car and the environment. Everything that you use in your vehicles inevitably ends up on the road, running into drains and even absorb into the ground.

Although the research takes a slightly more fun approach for reasons to buy a car the some of the more serious considerations are the costs you will incur after purchasing the vehicle and is it suitable for you and your environment.




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