McLaren P1 vs. Porsche 918 Spyder: Which one is your favourite?


Pick your favourite – With the New Year here many of us have already made resolutions and decided on what we want to achieve. However, how many of us have the difficult decision of choosing between a McLaren P1 and a Porsche 918 Spyder? If you are anything like me, then this is a question that does not need answering this year, or probably any year in the near future, as both vehicles are simply not in my price range. This is without considering the additional costs of storage, cleaning (no one likes a dirty super car) car insurance and of course fuel! However, for those dreamers out there here is our run down on the pros and cons of each of these magnificent cars.


Let’s start off with speed. If you see the specs on paper then there really isn’t much difference between the two, but in real life there is no question that the P1 is faster than the 918, although there is no denying that the 918 is very quick.


With the McLaren model being that much faster, you want to know that you aren’t going to overturn at the slightest corner, so it is reassuring to know there is a huge amount of grip compared to the 918.

Logically, the next item on the list is would be the driving position for each of these beauties, but truthfully it doesn’t get much better, so this one it is a tie!


Now we get to the nitty gritty: the engine. Even if you aren’t a car lover, whenever you are stopped next to a super car at the traffic lights it is likely that you turn your radio down to hear the sound of the engine. Well if this is what you are after then there is no contest, the P1 sounds a lot more refined than the 918 even though it is turbocharged which the 918’s isn’t.

Money Maker?

Whilst this is boring and businessy, the Porsche is actually going to make the company a loss whereas McLaren say that the P1 will be a money maker. The 918 has cost Porsche money in the short term and even if they sell all the units that are going to be manufactured (918 in total) they are likely to make a loss.

Overall there have been opinions that the 918 is just not as exciting to drive as the P1, although if you ever get the chance to drive either, or both, it certainly isn’t going to be an experience you are going to forget in a hurry!

There are some costs associated when it comes to running a super car, as I have already mentioned, but it is extremely important that you have the right level of car insurance as this purchase is a huge one and it will be drawing a lot of attention. As a result is important to make sure you keep it as safe as possible and that you have a plan B if you need it. My neighbour once parked at R8 outside his house, and I have never seen a man so nervous when a group of 4 people walked past!

SLS Mercedes

While we are talking about super cars, it would be wrong of us not to mention the Mercedes SLS! Now this is an attractive vehicle. It has a 6.2 litre V8 engine which has 622 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque. It of course has the gull wing doors, and Mercedes have described it as the spiritual successor of the Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing. These doors though have to be closed manually. The reason for this is that the engineers decided against an auto closing system because of the extra weight there would be on the vehicle, 90 pounds to be exact. There were four versions of the SLS created; AMG Gold Dessert was launched in 2009, SLS AMG Coupé was launched in 2010, the racing version FIA GT3 was also released in 2010 and in 2011 the SLS AMG E-Cell prototype was launched.

Let us know which one of these supercars you would prefer to drive on our Twitter page. Although we can’t provide you with the experience, it is fun to dream!



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