Vauxhall Astra For Sale


Vauxhall have added to their already impressive range with a new 2.0 litre bi-turbo diesel Astra. The particular engine will now be available for the hatchback model and the larger Sport Tourer model. This comes two months after it was first used in the Astra GTC.

Impressive Figures

Vauxhall have claimed that the Astra BiTurbo Sports Tourer is the most powerful estate car in its entire class with power being around the 187bhp mark. A 0-62mph time of under eight seconds and a top speed in excess of 135mph has been quoted with there also being around 236lb ft of torque generated thanks to the fact that the engine uses sequential turbocharging.

Furthermore, in keeping with the theme of figures, the new engine in the Astra will achieve a fuel consumption of around 55.4mpg with emissions being rated at 134g/km.

The new hatchback Astra will set prospective owners back around £24,095 whilst there is also a £1015 premium to pay for the Sport Tourer. The Sport Tourer, is therefore, the more costly of the two with car insurance quotes for the particular model likely to be higher than the hatch too.

Impressive Collection


This new Astra comes in addition to an already impressive line-up of cars currently being produced by the General Motors owned company. The range of Corsa’s on offer gives potential buyers huge choice whilst the range topping VXR Nurburgring is a tasty little treat! It comes with a 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces around 200bhp. It also looks great and sounds fantastic.

Price wise, one of these will fetch around £23,000, which isn’t bad to be honest when you consider the fact that it comes with a lot of kit and it’s a bite sized bit of fun that will certainly put a big smile on your face!

Vauxhall have managed to transform their reputation recently with their vastly improved car designs. The new Astra will be available to order from tomorrow and it will certainly sell well – will you be placing an order?

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