Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic 4x4s

The apocalypse has happened and you are one of the few survivors. Whether a giant tsunami has engulfed the globe, whether there’s been an asteroid hit, a lethal virus epidemic, zombie apocalypse.. the possibilities are endless.

At any rate, whatever has happened, it’s going to be dangerous; there will be few supplies, tough terrain, harsh conditions and there won’t be any car insurance companies to cover you against (probable) damage. You can’t get hold of a tank, so what would be the best production car to help you get through the aftermath of such an event? We look at some of the best 4×4 machines in production:

5. Landrover LR3

The Land Rover would have come a bit higher, had it had a slightly better reputation in the reliability department. It does have some very impressive features though, such as “terrain response control” which, as the name suggests, adjusts the suspension, differential, gearing and throttle response according to the conditions ahead. The suspension is vast, spanning a full 13 inches at the rear and 11 inches up front. The suspension is of course entirely electronically controlled on every wheel. You wouldn’t want to scratch it though.

4. Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The Ford F-150 is a proven vehicle and has been the most popular car in the States for many years now. You won’t see many in the UK though – imagine trying to park one in London! The F-150 SVT Raptor is a jacked up variant. It’s larger than life: wider, heavy duty differential, oversized suspension and a 6.2 litre 411bhp V8. Ford have tested this extensively in the desert, constructing a 62 mile endurance loop. It can do 100mph on the sand!

3. Hummer H3 Alpha

This is a great machine, albeit with the reputation of being something of a fuel guzzler: Not ideal if you’re short on the stuff after an apocalypse. It has a 300 bhp V8 engine which has additional lubrication to cater for steep ascents. It can climb up a 60 degree incline or travel along a 40 degree side slope. The differentials are cast iron to handle the torque produced by the V8 and you can add on traction control and electronic rear differential. I wouldn’t be upset to have one of these in times of crisis.

2. Toyota FJ Cruiser 4×4

In second place comes the FJ cruiser 4×4. It was a close one between it and the Land Cruiser, as although it is supposed to be able to take a bit more of a battering both inside and out, the traditional Land Cruiser has simply proved itself to have withstood the test of time and terrain. It is smaller than the Land Cruiser but has many of the same features such as limited slip centre differential, electronic locking rear differential and a complex individual wheel braking system.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser (preferably stripped)

The Land Cruiser, in its various guises is arguably the best 4×4 ever built. Different variants have been shipped to different corners of the earth, where some have a host of electronic aids and leather upholstery; others are stripped bare and equipped with heavy duty axels and differentials. These are the vehicle of choice in many Middle Eastern and African countries. The latest 200 model has some extraordinary features, including crawl control, automatic roll bar disengagement to increase suspension travel to mention but a few. Aftermarket parts are also in abundance so if you want, you can customize one into an ultimate post-apocalyptic vehicle!

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