Tips for getting Cheaper Car Insurance for Young Drivers


One of the biggest issues that young drivers face is being able to afford car insurance. Sometimes the premiums are so high that some are forced to wait till they can save some more money to be able to afford to drive. The reason that young drivers insurance is so high is that they are considered a higher risk of an accident due to the history of claims by those who have recently passed their driving test.


Rob Cummins is the road safety consultant at BSM and he has said, “Drivers need to be able to concentrate on the road and other road users at all times and avoid being put off by other passengers in the car.

“Young drivers will often drive with their friends as passengers. The more passengers you have, the higher the likelihood of a crash.

“Inexperienced drivers can find passengers a real distraction at a time when they need maximum concentration.

“And some succumb to the temptation to show off; driving too fast and taking risks, such as overtaking round bends or even racing fellow motorists. This can prove fatal.
“Young female passengers and a testosterone-fuelled young male driver is a particularly risky combination.

“It is important for young motorists to know that driving recklessly is not a good way to impress their peers.”

There are steps that can be taken by young drivers to initially reduce their premium but to ensure the price keeps dropping the best way of doing so is to make sure you don’t need to make a claim in your first year of driving. Ensuring you are not distracted while behind the wheel is essential in being safe on the road.

Black Box

You will be able to prove your sensibility by having a black box in your boot. This will record everything from the speed you drive to the amount of hard braking. From this insurers will be able to see how safe you are driving and will be able to lower your policy accordingly. Many drivers do drive a lot better if they have the black box in their car because ultimately their every move is being recorded. The only disadvantage to driving with a black box is that you may be restricted to what hours of the day you can drive.


Trevor Wedge is the chief driving examiner at the Driving Standards Agency and he has said, “Alcohol gives you a false sense of confidence, reduces co-ordination, slows down reactions, and it affects judgement of speed, distance and risk. Remember alcohol can stay in your system for up to 48 hours.”

This means that if you are drinking the night before you may still be over the limit to drive for another 48 hours. Make sure that you are fully competent to drive and no longer under the influence of alcohol. A loss of license as a young driver is very costly.

Extra Lessons

Another way to reduce your car insurance premium when you are starting out is to take the PassPlus driving lessons. This offers extra training on driving on the motorways which cannot be done during normal lessons. It also includes driving at night time to get used to driving with lights coming towards you. However if you do like the speeds that can be reached in a car you can always book a track day. Here it is both safe and fun and you are not in danger of harming a member of the public.

Choose the Right Car

One of the biggest issues when it comes to insurance is the car that you are trying to get cover for. Ultimately you need to research before you purchase a vehicle how much the insurance quote is going to be and compare this price against other vehicles. There are also mileage limiting policies which means you commit to driving less that 1500, 3000 or 5000 miles a year which reduces your risk and therefore your policy.

If you have the option, park your car in a garage or at least on the driveway to save a little more money and also add a parent onto your policy. This will reduce your premium as it indicates that they will also be driving the car on occasion.



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