The Stig unmasked

Well it’s true then, motoring enthusiasts and in particular, ones that watch BBC TV have finally found out who is the mystery face behind The Stig!

To the uninitiated it more than likely sounds nothing more than a load of rubbish, but fans of the programme and the programme producers themselves took the disclosure a lot more seriously. So serious in fact that the BBC went to court to prevent the disclosure of Ben Collins as the mystery figure on the Top Gear programme.  Obviously they lost.

So now we know who the latest Stig is or as now seems more likely, was, why the fuss. The show is now in its 15th year and seemingly goes from strength to strength. The presenters are all household names with Jeremy Clarkson in particular a favourite with millions of viewers. His reporting style changed the way motoring shows were presented forever. No longer was it important to explain how it worked, the important thing being how fast it can go and how good it looks combined with the engineering.

James May has been with the show now since 2003 and has earned himself the rather unfair title of ‘Captain Slow’ this probably represents his more studied approach to motoring. He seems to be more thoughtful in his appraisal of the motors and certainly sits more quietly in his seat when driving. James would be the one you would listen to if he was talking about a motor insurance quote.

The third presenter known by name is Richard Hammond or ‘The Hamster’ as he is affectionately known throughout the land. Hammond’s enthusiasm appears to know no bounds. This was never as obvious as in 2006 when tearing round a race track in Yorkshire driving a dragster car named Vampire. Hammond crashed as a front tyre failed and finished embedded upside down in grass and very seriously injured. After a frantic flight by helicopter to hospital the seriously injured Hammond gradually made a full recovery. The speed of the car when crashing was recorded at 288 mph!

So with three household names as presenters, why go to court over a mystery man. Ben Collins a formula 3 driver is actually the second Stig, the first one getting sacked for exactly the same thing, revealing his identity in a book. He is said to be sure to be dropped by the programme. The real question is will we get The Stig mark III or will the show turn to pastures new.



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