The Sebastian Vettel Infiniti FX


Double F1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, has assisted one of Red Bull F1’s leading sponsors, Infiniti, in developing their latest creation: the Infiniti FX. And at first glance, the FX looks absolutely awesome. Even if you are not a fan of SUV’s, or even cars, it’s easy to appreciate that the FX is a good looking car. It looks like a bigger version of a hatch back, doesn’t it?

What’s it Like?

The new FX is also packed with precisely what you’d expect a car that’s been developed by an F1 champion to be packed with, a big engine! It comes with a 415bhp 5.0 litre V8 which will get the big SUV from a standstill to 62mph in 5.6 seconds before then going on to 186mph. Mr Vettel insisted that the speed limiter that the previous model had should be removed! Infiniti were only too happy to take note and make the changes.

Further Edits


It’s not just the engine that has been tinkered with however. The car is now fitted with stiffer springs and comes with up-rated front dampers. It is also 20mm lower than its predecessor and has a 5% lower coefficient of drag. It weighs 46kg less too. Furthermore, it sits atop some very stylish black alloy wheels. Red Bull have designed the carbon fibre bodykit, which explains the 5% reduction in drag.

The Infiniti is looking like the SUV for true enthusiasts, but what about the casual motorist? Well, it’s pretty big inside, as you’d imagine, which allows good space for kids and dogs. The FX as a vehicle will also be rugged and easy to use every single day. A great way to get from A-B in comfort!

But, there is a catch: its price tag! The Infiniti FX will set prospective owners back £100,000 and it will almost certainly cost a fair amount when it comes to maintenance and motor insurance quotes. So, it’s certainly not cheap! Perhaps this really is just one for keen enthusiasts then? You tell us! What do you make of the new Infiniti?



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